aleph: included sdcard usage poll

  • have many of you switched to a different sdcard?

    if so, have you noticed a reduction of issues?

  • i have switched to 3 different cards that have all worked well at one point. the only useful thing i think i can say is that my past issues seem to be continuously solved, though new issues ariseā€¦ (as to be expected at this point i think!).

  • fwiw I've been using the supplied card this whole time

  • the supplied card has been functioning well, as has another card. both are good.

  • Only the supplied card for me so far. Works OK once you find the right fit in the slot.

  • only the supplied card. everytime i thought it was broken it was a corrupt copy, removing before ejected, or not emptying the trash before ejecting.

  • I've been using the supplied card, no problems.

  • Both supplied card and backup is fine. I had a bum reader though at first. No corrupt issues since 0.2.0 or so.

  • i've been using the supplied card with no problems. i tried to use other cards formatted to FAT32 with no success however.

  • using a new one because i cant find the original (hiding somewhere in my room, or a pocket)
    both cards have worked fine

    when aleph wasnt working it had nothing to do with my sd

  • i've only used the supplied card and haven't had any problems with it

  • For me the supplied card and any two other cards I have used worked fine. Maybe people facing issues forgot to empty the trash before ejecting it?

  • just using the supplied card, works great.

  • Had problems with the supplied card. Switched to another one, same problems. 3rd one, working. Suspecting being a OSX/SD reader problem.

  • original card. no problems.

  • original and new (both 4GB, both FAT32) have both been fine - never formatted them - have merely deleted from and copied to and from them.

  • thanks for the feedback!

  • I've used the supplied one exclusively and had no problems whatsoever.

  • Also FWIW: I just switched to a MICRO SD Card within a SD Card adaptor and all works fine.