[OT] starting from 'scratch'

  • scratching records turns out to be very good for an ailing back.
    i am still terrible at it, so had to edit... but i dig the track overall.
    gimme some feedback:

    is the mix ok?
    do you like the blend of sounds?
    is the scratching/vocals annoying?

    thanks fer listenin.

  • Hi there...

    Nice work...I just give you my idea about the mix :-)
    I think if scratches are the main element, they are a little bit too far in the mix.
    Not only in a "volume" way:
    The ms-20 orchestration is quite dense already, so equing and compressing both elements (ms-20 and scratches) in order to make scratches more "in your face"...A little bit
    Just maybe a little drive or tube or...on it will make them punchier...
    In the arrangment way, maybe a little bit more space (between scratches patterns)...
    Some breaks??? Or less dense ms-20 pattern...just for a few bars...

    BUT...These are just my opinions :-) I don't have to tell you what to do!
    Keep on creating!!!
    That's part of the resitance :-)


  • sick man!!!
    great stuff!!!!

    let's chill and get noisy bro!

  • sounds fine to me

  • horn section is nice, clear and flowing