which monomeserial apps do you still use?

  • @PabsArg
    attached to my post....you may just need to be logged in to see it

  • hey red - thanks for the motivation to get this done.
    here's a simple little patch that shows you my method, plus includes a fancy script that generates the sends & receives, a command that clears the leds when taking focus, and sets the argument & scripting name of the serialosc bpatcher.

    it's a little hard to explain the full extent of changes to the protocol, but it's mostly linked to the led/row, /led/col /led/map and /led/frame. in general you need to add x and y offsets to the front of messages so you can access info outside the first quadrant.

    the above will work for simple /led and /key messages though (which covers a lot of the simpler apps).

    you can find the patch at the very bottom of this page (along with the full serialosc protocol): http://monome.org/docs/tech:osc

  • @galapagoose
    thanks for your feedback and sharing your method.
    i went through your patch and added the necessary routines when taking focus to my "bitrain" update and made a quick "mirrome" update using your how-to as a reference.

  • thanks @red — you should upload these to the wiki!

    in continuing from 'mirrome' i updated the 9gon_monome_video that @jaygilligan was asking after. essentially the same but for variable brightness devices. i might merge it with the mirrome wiki page.

  • i still use tintinabulome, though i only use it during certain phases of production and projects. i just discovered it's not updated. it would be great if someone could find some time to update it. thanks.

  • @galapagoose
    i've been out of order for a few days.....but i've uploaded some updated patches now.
    will send you a pm later with links to wikipages which i've updated, so you may include them in your list in the "list of serialosc.maxpat updated apps" thread.

  • hey guys!

    i'm sorry to come up with some old hats again.. i know aleph is more important at the moment :D... but i still have problems with that tilt function in mlr 2.56AUX, @galapagoose... i don't get the calibration...! there's no calibration window in mlr 2.56AUX and it seems useless to tilt the device before starting using the app...
    everything is fine when i use older, monomeserial-versions of mlr...

    thanks in advance : )

  • hello - i recently played around with fixing this for alfred, and think we got through the problems.

    have updated the wiki: http://monome.org/docs/app:mlr (2.6.1 aux)

    let me know if this solves the tilt issues for you (it's working well on my greyscale 128)

  • @galapagoose
    the 2.6.1 aux wiki link is broken. can u plz fix? thanks!

  • hoooooooooray!!! it works prefectly!
    now the filtering-madness has an end... or it just begins?!? ;D

    thank you very much : )

  • hahaha... glad you're enjoying it. finally managed to get alfred onto serialosc with this too! happy days.

  • Thanks to @galapagoose and his updater patch, I was able to update mate to sosc, but I have a couple of total noob questions still.

    I'm still really confused about the row and col arguments. It looks like there was only a led/row in this patch and I basically used trial and error to make the proper led's light up on the second row. I've searched but there doesn't seem to be a layman's explanation on how to use these arguments.

    Also, the first 8 led's in the first row are lit up. What part of the patch do I need to look for to have them not turn on?

    Thanks for your help!

  • grid/led/row needs 3 or 4 arguments.
    first: [x_off] which means x-offset. you'll generally want this to be 0 always unless you're deliberately trying to address the 2nd quadrant only (not the case here).
    second: [y] which means the row you're addressing.
    third & fourth: 8bit numbers referencing each quadrant of 8 cells as a bitmask. this is already taken care of in the patch.

    this info taken from here: http://monome.org/docs/tech:osc#grid

    in the patch in question you'll want to change the prepend message that's sending to [s [mate]led_row]. it should read [prepend 0 x] where x is the row you want to display on (i'm not sure if this should be 0, or 1?).

    then you'll want to remove the '1' at the end of the [prepend /mate/grid/low/row 1] object. best to keep your osc address, and the message your sending to it, separate.

  • Thanks, that did it! I think I need to understand the fundamentals of max better. I kinda got off the tutorials and went for instant gratification stuff, modifying patches with trial and error, with about 99.9% error, without really understanding what I was doing.

    Anyway, here's mate for those interested.

  • feel free to post it up on the wiki!

  • hello! i've been trying to use raptor:


    which seems to have been updated (or written originally with) serialosc, however upon opening it, it will not recognize my monome in the drop down menu and indeed it just lists the developer's own monome i think. perhaps this has something to do with the thing where after serialosc was out for a while then all of a sudden you should remove the serialosc patch from each app folder and just put it in the general file path or something?

    this was easy enough to do in straight forward max patches but raptor is m4l and a ton of my other m4l patches behave the same way. i wonder if there's an easy fix where i can open the m4l code somehow and just delete a line if this is all indeed the case? i'm just guessing here but any help is appreciated! i'd love to have a working version of raptor, as the current one of the docs is out of date somehow…


  • Hi jay, i'm on the bed now, but i'll send you mine tomorrow,
    Working perfectly for me, i think i made minor mods to the last version called raptorx

    Edit: Or maybe search for that version here

  • @ jay gilligan i love play with raptor.. I think that your problem is that raptor use zeroconfig ... And zeroconf works only on max 32 bit ... I hope that someone make a new raptor version..and i would like to see a midi mlr page to play with these 7 midi loop ( on the 64 monome) ... I send raptor midi message in 2 tracks (splitting the midi message to play a drum and a synth live ) ... I have another problem...if i add more then one raptor inside ableton ..they send the same message :(

  • @pauk - thanks so much for your response! i have 2 versions of raptor from the documents page… one of them is raptorx. raptorx has the serialosc menu when loaded into live. raptor doesn't display a drop down menu or a serialosc option. i appreciate your help!

  • hi jay,
    let's see if this one works for you

  • @pauk - thanks again for sending this new patch. i opened it and now i'm kind of even more confused, without a monome plugged into my laptop i get the same drop down menu as when i have my monome plugged in. i've attached a picture of the device selection in the serialosc connection options… not sure where all these different options came from as none of the serial numbers correspond to any of my hardware that i've ever used. might they be your devices somehow?

    any thoughts are awesome!

    1440 x 900 - 381K
  • @galapagoose
    thank you for the mlr 2.6.1 aux:)
    its great apps.
    but i have same crash issues like him...

    im using
    mlr 2.6.1 aux
    max runtime 5.1.9
    monome 256 with serialOSC
    macbook pro retina 10.8.5
    2,6 ghz intel core i7
    16GB memory 1600 MHz DDR3
    i didnt use audio interface yet.

    i'm new to monome world.(2month old .lol)
    i re-installed my computer last night but it's still happening..
    i can't even play 5min..
    please help me to solve this problem.

  • Can anyone help with a port of traknome for serial osc ?

    specicfically looking for a 256 version :)