FS: (US) Doepfer Dark Energy MKI

  • This is the original model, which is no longer in production. I have some extra cables as well as a US and UK adapter. This synth is pretty sick, and it sounds pretty crisp and clean, IMO. Not like a Moog. The filter behaves more like a DSI synthesizer.

    Anyway, if someone can put up 550 USD + shipping I will part with this and you can get weird with it.

  • i nearly sold mine at one point but i'm glad i kept it.. you can coax such great stuff out of it.

  • I'm selling it for reasons that have nothing to do with the capability. It is a wonderful unit and I rate it as the best synth I've personally used, and that list includes a Slim Phatty, Tetr4, MiniBrute, and a few digital synths. One thing I really appreciate about my unit is that the oscillator is very stable and tracks almost as well as my Bass Station DCO's across every octave. I have not had another VCO-based synth that tracks that well.

  • To be certain I'm selling this because I'm going full modular. I got a taste of it, loved it, and now I have the appropriate funds to buy a modular system. This would be a great addition, of course, but I'm thinking about going with a Doepfer system anyway, so it would be redundant, and I'm trying to do this as cheaply as possible.

  • @ctoth666
    any interest in a trade brother?
    Moog Minitaur?

  • No trades, unfortunately.

  • fwiw I have a DE I sitting on top of a small 6u modular. unless you really need the cash hold onto it. it'll play really nice with a modular anyway.

    /2 cents

  • I'm just buying up, honestly. I do have the money, but I'm just trying to be somewhat remotely financially responsible and if I do get a Doepfer system, it really will be redundant. It will be technically almost completely redundant.

  • Still FS. Great Synth.

  • Anyone interested yet?

  • I'm interested. PM'd.