app: jellyfish (mix movies)

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    mix movies

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    this is something i just kinda threw together for my wife,
    but i thought you guys would like it.

    she recently made some cool visuals for a sea-themed hair show with its help:

    here's what it does:

    |a -|****************|****************|a +|
    | r |****************|****************| r |
    | g |****************|****************| g |
    | b |****************|****************| b |
    | _ |*****clip 1*****|*****clip 2*****| _ |
    | _ |****************|****************| _ |
    |s +|****************|****************|s +|
    |s -|****************|****************|s -|

    when the program starts, it randomly picks a video for each side
    from the jellyfish/data folder

    they play at the same time, clip 2 atop clip 1.
    kinda like jellyfish.

    controls run down the left and right sides.

    a+/- : change alpha (transparency) of clip 2
    r: red
    g: green
    b: blue
    s+/-: speed up/down

    press anywhere else on a clip's side to skip around the clip.
    that part's kinda laggy.
    but that's okay.

    to start, you'll need:

    * a monome 128 or 64 grid (256 may work but is untested)
    * some cool videos
    * processing
    * oscp5 library for processing
    * to know your monome's port number. the easiest way is by looking in the monome test app after "monome 128"

    for cool videos, try


    0 - put a bunch of movie files into jellyfish/data
    keep 'em short; .mp4 & .mov & probably other stuff works

    1 - open jellyfish.pde in Processing

    2 - enter your port number in the very first line of jellyfish.pde

    3 - enter your monome width in the second line

    4 - press the play button in the top left

  • This is awesome! Can't wait to see some more videos from this.

  • Nice !
    I'd like to see more video apps like this !

  • @chapelier_fou +1

    I love the UI for this app

  • oh yes! this goes right up on my weekend list. thanks for sharing!

  • thanks, awesome, glad you like it!

    @gli :) i am pretty anti-clicking-around for monome ui.

    i should note that the video above isn't live; it's 3 pieces strung together. the process is still simple though, just screen capture with good ol' quicktime.

    processing seems to have a lot more latency for video compared to max, but there are tons of possibilities.

  • per request! i updated the app above to shrink down for 64s.

    just change monomeWidth in the second line to 8.

    256s will probably work too, but i don't have one to test with. also, avoid pressing below the 8th row (just pretend you have a 128).

    new version also fixes the way clips are spliced up.

  • hi. fixed a bug that kept videos from loading sometimes on macs.