aleph shipping update

  • gits up

    probably deserves its own thread

  • yeah it's up.

    i also just posted a new version of bees, waves, and lines. but probably just slightly preemptively, since i just got the newest from ezra and haven't made demonstration scenes for them yet. and the documentation isn't complete. tomorrow these things will happen. in the meantime they are good for experimenting. they do quite a lot!

  • Welllllll I felt brave last night, updated bees, waves and lines and things stopped working. I tried to roll things back on the sdcard to the previous version of bees and restored the 'this' scene in case I somehow messed it up. Anyway, I can't get any sound out of the device any more. Could this be because I have updated version of waves that is incompatible w/ the previous bees?

  • hold down SW2 (third switch) during powerup to perform a reset. it's probably trying to load the scene which will no longer work

  • ah sorry: you need to rename the .ldr to "aleph-waves.ldr" on the sdcard (remove the version string.) that is the default name for bees first launch.

    you should also be able to load "aleph-waves-0.0.0.ldr" from the DSP page after launch. it will subsequently become the default.

  • Cool, I've got sound back by holding SW2 during power up, then loading
    aleph-waves0.0.0.ldr. Have also now renamed to aleph-waves.ldr on the card.

    But no controls work. I'm assuming this is because I've just loaded the module without the supporting stuff the scene provided?

    I tried to navigate to the 'scene' to restore the 'THIS' scene but got a frozen unit several times.

  • yeah, don't use that scene anymore. we have broken compatibility. i believe brian is making a batch of new ones to share. in the meantime, try making one from scratch !

  • the reason waves now has a ton of inoperable parameters is so as to not break compatibility in this way in the future; i will just be going through and making them operable.

    check out the INS page, scroll *up* into the DSP params list, change a few, see how they work.

    posting a new rev of bees momentarily with bugfixes and feature adds.

  • Will do. Thanks.

  • Thanks for posting the manuals in the github...reading up before my Aleph arrives. :)

  • @tehn gentle nudge... you still on track to ship the second shipment on the 29th?

  • I thought he said he hoped the faceplates would be in by then. I think they still have to assemble, test and pack them.

  • plate manufacturer just posted a delay, expected ship feb 3. it's very frustrating. will have an update tomorrow when i hear back from them.

  • Any news on the revised shipping date for the faceplates?

  • we sent out an e-mail to those waiting.

    we'll potentially be getting a very small batch by the end of the week. i'm calling them now to discuss the remainder.

    again i apologize for the delay. it has been incredibly frustrating.

  • @tehn - that's the email from Feb 1st, right? Just making sure I didn't accidentally miss anything (gmail's been pretty good at deleting wrong emails lately... :)

  • indeed. will have another update tonight.

  • good to know, thanks Brian!

  • @scanner_darkley, did you get another update?

  • @blungo2

    I'm still waiting for the update. I do know they just picked up their new intern recently, so I'm sure that accounts for the delays.

    I'm itching as well, but I'm certain we will have our aleph's sooner than not. They seem to be doing everything they can to get it in our hands.

  • I thought the might have heard about the faceplate redo/arrival by now.

  • yes, there was yet another conference call phone meeting today. they've found a new process that should accelerate the refinishing process, but i don't expect these plates to all arrive at once. it seems they'll start trickling in starting at the end of next week.

    i'll write up an e-mail to those orders waiting tomorrow morning.

    and yes, we have a new intern. we'll have a formal introduction soon.

  • Just speaking for myself, I'd say don't stress too much at this point about delivering sooner rather than later. I've resigned myself to a bit of a wait, but for me, that might be a good thing. Not being a programmer at all, i'm thinking the software will be a bit more user friendly by the time the aleph does arrive. So i'll shuddup and wait patiently now...

  • So did the intern bring the snow storms?!? can we blame him/her? Peace Love and Happiness!

    Rock on guys. It is what it is and it will be when it will be.

  • I certainly understand and sympathize, though I'm in a bit of a different, certainly time-constrained situation.

    I'm a senior in music composition and purchased the device with grant money for a recital, so I can't be quite as laid back in a "it gets here when it gets here fashion."

    That being said, now is not the time to worry, which is why I haven't been vocal. It sounds like you're working as quickly as you can; I still have 2 months left in the semester, and the parts are coming in next week.

  • @blungo2 - sorry for late reply, having limited Internet access at the moment, looks like Brian already answered to that.

    @carp - I'd be willing to give up my place in line (assuming my order is before yours and the swap is possible) since you're more pressed for time. I'm okay with waiting, it must be a very frustrating situation for Brian and Ezra most of all, and to be honest I have enough stuff I should dig into at the moment anyway :)

  • @a_scanner_darkly

    Wow, that you'd do that really warms my heart.. thank you, but let's see (and hope not) if that's even necessary yet.

    But again, thank you so much!

  • @a_scanner_darkly, no worries!
    That's a very kind offer you made to carp! I never even thought of offering that.
    Who says altruism is dead? Much respect is due you for such a kind offering!

  • sent out an update email just now. thank you all for your patience.

  • In case my place in line is ahead of both @carp and @a_scanner_darkly, same offer.

    (Meeting real-world deadlines w/ largely hypothetical software is challenge enough without the rest of us being a jerk about it. Godspeed, carp!)

  • @gtz

    You guys are unreal. I'm truly, truly grateful.

    Really, thank you.

  • @tehn, any news of trickling in faceplates?

  • e-mail update sent out last night to those patiently waiting.

    received notification that plates arrived at the manufacturer and should be on their way to the new painter by the end of the day. i'm hoping to expedite the new paint. we head to california next thursday so it's going to be tight, but we're hoping to get a batch out.

    in the meantime, posting new vid/tutorial/firmwares in the next couple days.

  • Really appreciate the updates tehn.