aleph wurl snow

  • aleph and wurlitzer. speed modulated cross-fed filtered delay lines manipulated. foot pedal delay time triggering, key speed recall, knob filter sweep and feedback and granular flurry.

    will post the scene file tonight or tomorrow with the new bees master zip, 0.4.3. which will also include an weird etchasketch scene and some others.

    we're at this moment working on a quick "what is bees" vid for those wanting to understand what the aleph is capable of, in the most abstract sense.

  • great piece! and great low end coming from the wurli/aleph.

  • Gorgeous. Can't wait.

  • i think its impressive that it sounds like you

    like a grid + notebook jam


    cant wait to try this scene [which i assume is a mutated 'dubs' variant]

  • brilliant work. the combination of an "acoustic" instrument with the aleph is right up my alley. if I am getting this scene to work, which i am sure i will, i am so going to use it at an ambient pop gig that's coming up for me beginning of march.

  • Cool stuff. Was this direct through Aleph or amped?

  • really nice.

  • this is a room mic. wurlitzer is playing out the built-ins and the aux output is driving the aleph. the aleph is connected to a QSC PA on the floor.

  • I keep looking for a "like" button. stupid Facebook.

    EDIT: I guess the video itself has one. Yay, I don't have to remember adjectives!

  • so cool! see you in LA!

  • scott you're back in LA?

  • yeah! pm'ing you..

  • What is the name of the scene used in this video?

  • this is skitter.