256 FS or FT with Arc2/4

  • A used but refurbished 256 from the 2010 batch with buspower upgrade. FS for 930 Euro or FT against Arc 2/4 (2012/13 edition) + cash. Comes with original packaging. Lives in Sweden but can be shipped worldwide. All scratch marks are seen in the pictures. The unit was cleaned, sanded and painted with fresh teak oil last week. Its faceplate is as new and it functions likewise.

    Here are some pictures:

  • Would let my arc2 (non push button) go for trade against a 256

  • You have a message waiting for you.

  • This unit is still available.

  • I could see myself trading it for modular gear as well. Preferably eurorack format.

  • I can vouch for this seller and this was my former 256

    The sale went perfect and communication was ongoing.

    email or pm if more info needed for reassurance


  • Did this ever sell?

  • Not to me mate.