Aleph: A strange quesition... battery.

  • It seems like there is no battery in the Aleph. I was sort of assuming there was one. the AD Blackfin is design for power management, so I was assuming...

  • I'm glad someone else caught that. ;)

  • forgive my ignorance

    what's the implication/question?

  • There's been no mention of a battery, though I have thought it would be nice. I imagine though, with all the stuff going on inside the aleph that it would be kind of difficult.

  • I didn't see a question yet in this thread and it's been discussed before...

  • Isn't it powered by a wall wart?

  • I guess the question is why would you use a low power consuming DSP if you aren't using a battery in your design? The blackfin is known for this so I sort of assumed it would have one. I just recently realized it didn't and wondered why.

  • With all the cables hanging out the back and front and powering CV outs, I don't see why it needs a battery? It's a tabletop device...or on the floor if that's your thing.

    I'm sure with it's open source nature if we decide to use batteries with a little thought applied to a solid setup it can be done. :)

    Maybe Tehn or Zebra can chime in on their design criteria for it?

  • i'll take a wild guess here re: why there's no battery - it would have been substantially larger, heavier and more expensive. not to mention how bad batteries are for the environment, especially if the majority of users don't need them most of the time.

    regarding 'why use a low power device?' - the chip was most likely chosen for it's processing features vs. price point. of course using less electricity is always a good thing too. plus low-power devices generally mean less need for cooling / ventilation inside the box.

  • Valid points @c1t1zen and @galapagoose To help you understand where I am coming from, I come from the world of the the OP-1. the device is a great thing for travel and making music. it has the same DSP in it. Hop on train or a plane stick in my headphone and I am making music. Yes c1t1zen I could have external battery like the thread you point to but kicking up your leg and playing on your lap, it is something to remember in a rush or falls in a lurch.

    This was a question of wonderment not criticism, please understand.

  • @dimi3 - I completely see your point and as someone with a long commute I'm always looking out for battery powered stuff. If it's any consolation, that external battery looks to be almost the exact same size as the aleph and flat, so maybe velcro or rubberbands can be an inelegant solution?

    Might be a pipe dream but I'm thinking aleph and grid, with 4 separate outputs into the zoom h6. Then edit multitrack improv stuff in a daw later.

  • i'm a commuter too. the train can be an emotionally draining environment and i would be very stoked to hack on an aleph for the 3 hour ride each way, 5 days a week

  • @murray -- wooahh that's a long time! drove 4 hours earlier today and felt like i'd done a days work already..

  • holy shit murray that's a long commute. You have me beat by 30 min each way. You must love your house as much as I do haha. Any music making activities to recommend? I never got along with the op-1. I have a volca beats coming to me but I can't imagine playing with that for 5 hours a day. Maybe I'll get the other two and make some mini buchla style case. I'd take my laptop if it didn't weigh 20 lbs and last about 30 min on battery.

  • no house, just renting and bitterly hanging onto the bay area. i have a 4-panel buchla and personally i'm not sure it's something i'd like bringing on the commute--too bulky and i'd be afraid of damaging it (but maybe it'd work for you!). i've been able to get some mixing and exporting done with isolated headphones, but otherwise i'm just programming music related projects to pass mind numbness.

  • Really with a commute that long your best bet is a laptop with a good wireless setup.
    I'm also coming from OP-1 background also. When I lived in NYC I would sometimes use it on the PATH. It's best to have a self contained setup, there's a so many variables when you start hooking up multiple devices. But good luck with your setup...I only wish the OP-1 would record MIDI ideas similarly to the 4-track audio recorder so I could take it to use in other setups.

  • By mini buchla case, I just meant taking the 3 volcas and putting them into a 3-way folding case, kinda like the tiptop station 252. Someone really should come up with an elegant portable case for the volcas.

    I have a eurorack 6u that I pretty much use self contained to make tracks, here's a little video demo of what it can do. I have no idea if it's possible but I feel like the aleph should be able to do all that once it becomes more mature. I really should just get a new laptop...

  • Haha, sick setup ! Modular dj decks.

  • the mlr vid is insane too

  • @megamaeng yeah that setup is beautiful

  • a battery would be nice, but more viable without cv outs. as trent says, just more expense, complexity, and mass; the feature was considered and dropped, simple as that, and i hope we haven't created the impression that the device has one.

    basically all microprocessors these days have a lot of power management options. i don't know if it would be too relevant even if one did contemplate a [+batt, -cv] aleph redesign - can't think of a useful low-consumption state of functionality for a sound processor.

    regardless, said redesign would be a good candidate for an alternate aleph edition, and other properties of the circuit would make it pretty straightforward (i think? not really my area of expertise.)