aleph shipping update 2/25

  • hello!

    we have parts on the way. orders placed now will ship mid march. all existing orders will ship just before then. a few existing orders should go out within a week.

    thank you for your patience!


  • Any alephs going out this week before the Los Angeles trip?

  • the plates ship today, we should have them monday. i'm already on the west coast but many alephs are almost fully built-- trent and soren should be able to get out a handful but most will go out right after i get back on the 10th.

  • SO Soren was not the barer of bad weather! tehn is! Sorry you have come to LA in 6 inches of rain! Hope you don't drive because people here are lunatics in the rain!

  • Tehn I hope you got to see some sun shine! did you go back to Cal Arts?

  • did not. prepping for machine project show tonight!

  • a batch of orders shipped yesterday.

    another batch will ship march 12. i hope to have all orders shipped by the 15th.

  • Break a Leg @Tehn!!!!!

  • Tehn, are we getting email confirmation when our order ships?

  • indeed

  • I suppose everyone who got one of the most recent batch has been notified :/

    Nevermind, just realized that was the 6th, the 12th is close enough now...

  • a good sized batch going out tomorrow. ups tracking numbers sent out tonight.

    remainder of plates arriving friday, so all remaining orders will ship monday. we'll likely get tracking numbers out before then, however.

    finally! thank you all for your patience. looking forward to shifting back onto software soon.

  • yessssss thanks for the update!

  • gotta put the dog in the back porch... he snarls and barks at UPS ;)

  • At long last!