monome in san francisco

  • march 4th at obscura as part of the ArtUP 3.5 - Musictech Edition.
    we'll be performing, talking about process and answering all the questions you can think to ask.

    Doors open at 7pm
    Performances and presentations begin at 7:30pm
    729 Tennessee Street (near 18th at 3rd, in the heart of SF’s Dogpatch)
    San Francisco, CA 94107

    all ages and free!
    hope to see you there.

  • son of a mother...
    think ill bee up in there..
    high fiving vlad.....
    saying yo!...

  • Bring all your dizzles, Mad Eddy.
    This one's going to be good.

    *high five sonic boom*

  • we're just going to talk about farm stuff don't worry

  • farm skills.....
    beard skills....
    electronic music skills.......

  • Huh. Maybe I should work on my beard skills for this event.

    I know there will be at least two masters present, so I'll get my beard questions prepared in advance.

  • @tehn

    Maybe you guys should try and get a story in modern farmer

  • Here's a small taste of the space, for those of you planning to attend. This is from Gray Area's Creative Coders meetup on Monday:


    The triangle grid behind the speaker is a geodesic dome with blended HD projections inside.

    And here's one of our current large projects, just out of frame to the left of the above image. 13 x 3 Planar touchscreen wall, 52' long.


    We also have a few other demos around, like an interactive we created for Hardrock. It's an interesting environment to spend time in.

    Please invite friends and compatriots. Gray Area is helping us promote but we have a short run up on this one, just under two weeks at this point. Any help spreading the word would be fantastic. The Facebook event is public - please feel free to invite anybody and everyone.

    Thanks, gentle people!

  • today!

  • A couple photos from tonight

    3973 x 3306 - 2M
  • and

    4365 x 3468 - 2M
  • wanted to apologize for not showing!...
    had to pick up the wifey from sfo...
    had my dates mixed.....
    hope it ruled!!!

  • The event was fantastic, but you were missed, Nic!

    Beautiful, flowing performance by Brian and Kelli on Monome, Arc, Aleph (and OP-1), followed by one of the sharpest Q & A sessions I've ever seen.

    I'll have some images later today, too. Those are great above, @outside_late!

  • awesome

  • Here are a few more shots from the night. Brian and Kelli capped the evening with a gorgeous, short set. The stills capture just a fraction of the experience and don't convey the organic pairing of sound and visuals at all. It was hushed air, hold-your-breath magic. I wish we had video.

    I'm so happy we could do this. I think it turned out wonderfully.


    Above 2


    Chickens 2


  • do you know if there is a sound recording of this performance ?

  • a huge heartfelt thanks for vlad for completely making this happen. so much energy shared and combined and multiplied, thank you.

  • You and Kelli are very welcome, Brian. I didn't act alone, though. We had a whole team at Obscura for room setup and logistics, and Gray Area jumped in with the all-important beer.

    Thank you for being there! Let's do it again.

  • @beo I don't think it was recorded, unless someone in the audience did. I'll ask around.

  • They were recording in LA last night. Cool set on tiny stage. I spotted three Alephs being used!

  • @c1t1zen i'm very curious to hear this

  • I wasn't involved in the recording unfortunately. I can say the Alephs worked flawlessly and it was cool to see a 128 and ARC 4 in the setup. Also my first time seeing an ARC4 used live.