Is there a way to make a scene without an aleph?


  • pen and paper?
    study the code?

  • this will be possible with the online editor (it's coming along!), but for now not really. even the editor is primarily designed to be used while attached to the aleph over usb (hence the 'online' part of it's name), as it's tough to emulate the aleph's hardware in a useable way in a computer.

    is there a particular use-case where you think this might be useful?

  • The ability to navigate Bees and other parts of the aleph via computer / online editor is extremely enticing to me. I'm really stoked for that.

  • @galapagoose I guess my use case is that which will be the online version I guess. Really with scenes I am looking to hook up CV in and Out, Audio in and Out, setting encoders, and button. The Aleph doesn't really need to be attached to make those broad links and default states. I would rather sit down and create set-up and then put it on the SD card and boot it up later.

  • i think that's totally within the use case. you'll probably find it's much easier to build your scenes with the device attached as you can test your scene as you build it rather than having to fix issues / mistakes by copying to/from the sd card.

    anyway - lot's of exciting possibilities on the way (but so many already exist too!)