arc devs, come play

  • The turntable patch isn't mind. My gen chops are nil, but it does sound pretty good.

  • Been stripping it down and tidying it up.

    I want to get the start/end changes to sound smoother, at the moment they sound glitchy as shit (in a bad way).

    I've pretty much mapped out my idea for how it will all integrate. It's going to be a hybrid of the chocolate grinder, tml, and turntable, so each column (8 total) can be played with each of the three engines, but all accessing the same buffer (per column), and each with their own characteristics/controls.

    Here's the turntable thing getting there.

  • GTZ/Rodrigo:

    Love the idea of these patches, but maybe you can help me figure out why I get no audio:

    I've attached a screen shot of the Max window.

    Everything seems to work led response-wise and I even have an indication of audio in the level meter, but no audio.

    The Max window shows errors with ezdac, and in fact, I have no ezdac button showing in the UI.

    I'm running Max6 runtime, OSX 10.7.2.

    Any ideas?


  • Interesting. It sounds like I may have some sloppy code that the full max/msp package is more forgiving about than the runtime. Hopefully it's an easy fix - I'll check into it.

  • Yeah funky. You can install the 'real' version, and just never open the actual Max app (and only use the runtime that comes with it).

  • Actually, that's what I'm doing. I have the full version installed, but running the Runtime included in the folder.

  • Right. From what the errors are it looks like floats are getting to the audio output object, which they shouldn't be doing. I don't know the patch, so don't know what/where the problem is.

  • You might know the patch. I'm not sure which one he's using, but rod_turntable is the last one posted in this thread.

    ...but based on the error messages, it's probably one of mine.

    Hey RAH, which file are you testing? =)

  • My bad, I didn't read too well (looong day rehearsing/gigging).

    Which patch is the problem?

  • I am using throw_audio_juggle

    but I had a similar issue with throw_audio

  • I got this working this morning. I'm pretty sure it was just an audio routing problem, where the dsp was defaulting to Soundflower and I didn't realize it. This morning, I happened to have Ableton running when I decided to open this back up and it worked!

    Again..thanks for the patch. SO much fun.. keep them should put these up on the wiki. I can see them getting lost in the body of this thread.

  • Still, that means the app is somehow incompatible with soundflower? I've never heard of that happening.

  • I'm not sure that's exactly what happened..I'm assuming that problem was that I either did not have Live running, or did not have 'Audio In' in the Live GUI set properly, so I didn't hear anything. Just a silly oversight in my part, I'm sure.

  • Well, that's a reasonable explanation for not hearing audio, but the "sending floats into ezdac" errors are a bit stranger.

    That said, this app does use max's audio engine to drive the physics, sort of. (the speed of each oscillator is the frequency off a playing waveform, and waves don't play without ezdac running) So, I have it automatically turn ezdac on when you start up. That's sort of irregular, and could possibly cause issues with soundflower/rewire/jack/etc. Maybe.

    I don't pretend to actually know what I'm talking about.

  • Perhaps I am being dense, but when I load it up the bottom left section is missing from the window. I'm sure the answer is right in front of my face...

  • Can you post a screenshot? (I haven't looked at this thread in two years; need as many clues as possible as to what problem needs solving)

  • It *sounds* like the patch is trying to load serialosc.maxpat and can't find it in your max search path -- we've had a fairly major serialosc rewrite, so that might not surprise me. Pretty sure the instructions still have you copy the file to a central location, but maybe that failed.

    Are other arc apps working for you?

  • Oof. This discussion was linked from the Autoharp app -- that's what I was having a problem with. Carry on, nothing to see here...

  • No worries. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

    (but the serialosc note above may still apply)

  • I'm not having a problem with other apps re: serialosc, and everything else is loading up with the connect button. I'm stumped as to why this one is blank.