melodic objects (monome in brooklyn)

  • march 23 @ 7pm local time
    galapagos art space
    16 main street
    brooklyn, ny

    kelli cain
    brian crabtree
    jay gilligan

    special one time only collaboration, please bring your friends- there will be a graphic representation of the evening's sounds by using object manipulation. visual music will be created. most welcome!

  • I should move to brooklyn.

  • Very interested in this and thrilled to see this type of project at Galapagos.
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I'm local to the neighborhood.

    Also, I didn't see any ticket link here or on the site... is there an RSVP?


  • @backtowarwick - not sure what's going on with kris right now, but perhaps this will work for tickets i think:

    very happy to meet you on sunday!

  • @JayGilligan -- thanks! Shot off an email earlier and hoping to hear back soon.

  • @jaygilligan -- I just heard back from Galapagos and they said that they do not have any shows scheduled for Sunday. Let me know if you hear anything on your end.

  • @backtowarwick - as far as i know everything is 100% on. i've been in constant contact with kris, the owner. he is extremely disorganized, and has not listed the event on their website or mailing list. so i wouldn't be surprised if people around the venue don't know about it as he never told them. but if the response you got back from them is from kris, then i'm in some serious trouble!!!

  • @backtowarwick et. al - just to reconfirm, everything is good for sunday. just been in touch with the venue again. seems the publicity agent has been out and there was some confusion from that side of things. all systems are go!

  • see you tharrrr

  • Thanks @jaygilligan and @galapagoose. Should I assume tickets will be available at the door?

  • @backtowarwick - yeah, just heard from the venue, tickets will be on the door, and the advanced vs. at the door ticket price will be the same!

  • excite!

  • heading out to the venue now for rehearsals!

  • Galapagoose at Galapagos? About to head out the door and walk on over :)

  • Awesome performance. Terrific to meet everyone.

  • Excellent night, and yes, definitely great to meet all of you :)

  • thanks to everyone who made it out! we had a night which will keep us going far into the future!

  • @Jay

    I saw you juggling and immediately remembered the patch you made that tracks your juggling on the monome (and generates music from it as well right?). I looked everywhere for a camera at first :P

    Incredible stuff all around, and I especially loved the almost oblique strategies style layout you had around - giving you directions. Could you expound on that a bit? i read some of them - but i'd love to hear how you came up with them!

    cheers :)

  • here's a couple of shots from the evening, taken by kris.

    @misk - the instructions on the floor are part of an overall game plan/structure as a suggestion of what might come next. however, things rarely go as planned, so i am free to deviate from them, or then use them in an "inappropriate" manner (intentionally go against what they intended). mostly they manifest when a mistake happens, and takes me out of the mental flow, so i glance at them to either get back on track or more usually to jump into a new section.

    640 x 480 - 48K
    640 x 480 - 56K
    640 x 480 - 70K
    640 x 480 - 62K
  • ...down on my knees,
    crying for videos :)

  • @nitefish - on its way, but may take quite some time as i'm on tour until may...

  • Ok,I'll stay on my knees...

  • Very cool. Congrats!

  • :) nice,thank you!