HELP - Traknome for 256

  • hi all,

    can anyone upload the Traknome version that will work with my 256?

    Looks like has left the building

    I have searched the post but I can't find a link to anything other than the tsi files in the applications section


  • Marcus, Hows it going mate!

    Do you have a midi patch for traknome as i know it was made with monomeserial in midimode in mind. (to assign to parameters).

  • @dean

    Hey bud I'm good thanks

    I don't have a midi patch for it, do you have one?

    Hows things with you ?


  • I used to, ill need make another one. I know Kristoffer made one the other day, you should find the thread and ask him!

    Im good man, started making tracks again the other week, its been good.

    We'll need to catch up soon.

  • this - i thought he posted the patch, but its merely a .png file. Drop him a PM.

  • Hi dean

    Thanks fo the link, I've messaged kristoffer.

    That's good your making tunes again, definately up for catching up again :)

    cheers m

  • A serialosc one at all? Just sold my vinyl loving soul to traktor and hoping to integrate my 256.

  • @fluxsta

    I'm hoping it will work with serialosc too :)

    I suppliment my vinyl addicted soul with traktor rather than selling my wax

    here's hoping someone here can satisfy our requests !!!


  • @spqr6510

    man, never will sell any vinyl, just trying to move with the times :-)
    I was able to just map midi faders to traktor via the grid today, and also sync MLR, although clock wasn't tight enough.