Graphical Scene Editor for Aleph

  • I've seen Zebra (is taht you, Ezra?) mention a few times that a browser-based scene editor for Aleph is in the works. Does anyone know how "in the works" it is? Just trying to figure out if I should slap one together for personal use in the interim.

  • I would also be curious about the timeline for this.

  • I've read a few things in the development (github) posts but I don't think anything will be locked down till after 0.5 is released. So far Beekeep just converts files to Json so if you know how to work with those files then there's part of it.

  • this weekend i'm putting some time in on this with peter (portable sunsets). we had a bit of backwards progress while fixing some things in bees, but we'll push forward quickly. i can't offer a release date yet but this is very high priority.

  • I was just thinking about throwing together a svg-based editor that would read from and write to JSON. Might still give it a shot. Thanks for the updates, tehn!

  • check out

    if you're comfortable with c, also checkout the beekeep sources to see the subset of that schema that is actually being used right now - will add parsing for other subsets as needed.

    actually beekeep converts *from* .json as well, which is an equally important function.

  • BTW i think the plan for the chrome editor is for "live" editing of the scene on the aleph unit, via serial. so it's a lot more complicated than simply editing the json. offline editing could be useful in itself.

  • Nice.

    Yeah, live editing would be awesome; I leave that to y'all.

    For me, offline editing would be most useful for networking operators, which I find find cumbersome on the Aleph once things get too complicated.

  • I look forward to trying both these ideas!

  • i agree, my hope with the schema is that it also lends itself to editing by hand and to generation from a scripting language. this seems to work for me on current dev version, but could use more feedback of course

    more discussion on the scene parsing stuff here:

  • Just wanted to say that I'm super amped for this. After spending some time with my aleph for the first time last night, I can't wait to start editing with a computer. The fact that we will be able to do live editing kind of blows my mind!