interesting ipad apps

  • hello people !

    i am about to buy an i pad mini and i want to ask you if you know any other interesting music apps besides Samplr which is great (one of the reasons i am buying an Ipad).

    thank you !

  • i just picked up MUSYC but havent really given it a spin yet

    others i have:


    and for listening/discovery


  • Samplr is badass! honestly one of those little tools that really feels like playing an instrument.

    here's a few of my favorites:
    Jasuto - modular synth app done right
    Modular - real rack modular emulation done really right :)
    DM1 - simple xox-style drum machine/sampler. simple but fun :)
    Polyplayground -Mike Gao (Dev) is a friend, and I second that one!
    TC-11 - incredible synth with a UI that really shows off what an ipad synth can be.
    Mira - if you have a Max 6 license, you need this.
    Impaktor - Physical Modeling drum synth that triggers sound with your mic. set it on your table and take finger drumming to a completely different level. damn good.

    TC-11 is like $25 tho for the record, and Mira was $50 when i bought it. Jasuto is awesome, but it's deep - I personally like it better than audulus.

  • samplr is great..but i am totally in love with lemur …and with the new version u can create step sequencers that doesn't need a computer…and send midi from lemur to other apps.. i play lemur with animoog and boom 808 when i take the bus :D some morning little jams … and of course korg gadget have an incredible library :D the sounds are super clean !!!

  • The Lemur is pretty damn amazing. my only problem is after playing with Mira and getting to know max better, it's currently not worth my time to get into scripting with the lemur editor. Most of what I want to do involves scripting, and the canvas object, though cool as hell, is kind of a pain to draw with code.

    Just trying to stick with max at the moment, but yeah, the lemur IS amazing - and in the meantime, i'm grabbing every interface in the user library i can :)

  • You got me curious about Mira now. I just got a max 6 license and thinking if it were to be possible to use iPad to control the mlr fx modules area and if it would be easy to accomplish.
    I also have an arc that I would love to use too but that just sparked interest

    Not just for mlr but for any existing patches as well

  • thank you so much guys !
    some of them i already knew as i use them in my ipod touch (impaktor,musyc and animoog)

    borderlands seemed very interesting, and beatsurfing. Actually i am not interested in controllers at the moment but it seems the touch interface of the app(beatsurfing) is perfect for this kind of beat experimenting.
    TC11 is unique and really takes also advantage of the touch screen

    thanx again for your suggestions.
    i will check em all out !

    cheers !

  • @misk i am not into scripting too...but copying other apps i am having some nice results...or just creating layout with multiple user apps...and of course i am using a monome emulation too....the only problem with ipad apps is that i am not able to send program change from dream is use sequencer synced with ableton and switch presets from lemur to other ipad apps but sadly animoog,nave, dm1 and the others doesnt accept it :( I was able to do this only with nlog & magellan but i dont like them too much ...
    I bought beatsurfing too but is not my style of make music...i feel more better with lemur or touchosc

  • MIDI controller with amazing potential:

    So much fun...

    (and yes, Mira is excellent)

  • @logritm oh damn how could i forget about nave? that's gotta be one of the best synths on ios, and damn good compared to anything software-based.

    @tefnick mira is pretty awesome - i know cycling74 plans on incorporating more UI objects into it, but even for now, it syncs up effortlessly, even compared to the Lemur.