• soon. so very soon. we will be releasing monome_sum. our favorite parts simplified into one whole. expect a combination of grid based applications condensed, interchangeable with the push of a configurable button, and with samples included. more details to come. but for now trent gill is testing, teasing, and very much giving life to the club that is our kitchen.

    listen maybe?

  • Loving what Trent is doing here, and intrigued to hear more about monome_sum.

  • that is some serious machine funk

    cant wait!

  • woah, this sounds pretty incredible, can't wait play with it!

  • Awesomeness

  • wow, great idea. can't wait!

  • dang....super intrigued !~o.o~!

  • Long live the Grid!

  • i just had the opportunity to test monome_sum today and i wanted to share my first go with you all. i'm seriously so excited for you to experience this, i really can't help but think it will change so many people's approach to using the grid. it is a simple and elegant combination of flin, corners, step, gome and mlr. the included synthesizer and samples are fantastic (you can use your own samples too but i haven't gotten that far yet) i could go on and on about how fun it is but soon (i'm told maybe by tuesday) you will have the opportunity to play too. can't wait to see what happens!

  • very nice track.

  • is this a new max app? or something else? examples sound pretty cool regardless...

  • @dadek thanks for listening!

    @oootini yes it is a max app that is a combination of simplified versions of flin, corners, step, polygome and mlr with a built in synth and effects. you can toggle between each, add effects, and change parameters all very easily.

  • yo yo!

    impressive nevertheless. almost seems user friendly and easily approachable for the beginner still struggling with the box o buttons.

    good look, though.

  • cool :)

    // from the description this sounds similar to something i've been working on and plan to release soon. but that'll need another thread :)

  • this sounds like exactly the sort of thing i need and the tracks sound great as well. can't wait.

  • the aleph let me use a grid without my laptop…. monome_sum is going to make me want to use my laptop again!!

  • I love this idea and both tracks are really great! I wonder how well it will lend itself to different types of tracks and if we'll have the ability to multitrack record the different parts to edit later. I guess we'll find out soon enough! Very excited about this since I've gotten back into using the laptop in a big way.

  • Will monome_sum be compatible with non-variable brightness grids? I ask because on soundcloud you mention using a vb128.

  • Roll on Tuesday then! Can't wait to see this app

  • Sounds really nice, can't wait to try this app !

  • is this the m4l thang? llllllll or whatever? cause this sounds dope!

  • @misk nope, i think its based on the "improve monome setup" threads from a few weeks ago...iirc something like this was in the works already at monome HQ but has also incorporated user suggestions

    @antiphon it works with all grids

  • @gli well i love this.

  • i could be wrong, of course, but i think this the basic starter app for all interested in plug-and-play functionality

    even a novice with no samples or knowledge of how to link max & a daw could make something beautiful with their grid

    great idea imo

  • looking back maybe this was a proof of concept kind of thing perhaps?

  • aalto usage aside, i guess its similar

    i'm curious to see all the details of sum (and eventually shape)

  • curious as to whether it's based on, or will replace serialosc

  • @misk its based on serialosc, not a replacement

    we'll know for sure how it works tomorrow but thats how i understand it anyway

  • schweeeet :)

  • just to clarify expectations, and kelli said some of this before-- monome sum is a tuned collection of apps to work together easily and be impossibly easy to set up. it's a good first introduction to the grid. it's fun to use. it requires serialosc (everything does, and will).

    the apps are simplified in their feature set to facilitate inter-app interaction and reduce on-screen control. so it will also encourage users to check out some of the not-summed versions of these individual apps for deeper features.

  • variable brightness is widely implemented in sum. it's incredibly helpful. sum works fine with non-vb.

  • thanks for chiming in @tehn

  • looking forward. very cool stuff.

  • vids and docs happening, few more hours...

  • so happy for once to be in north america while this is being released so i don't have to stay up all night with no sleep in stockholm!!!

  • hello from no sleep in belgium ;)

  • C'mon now guys, we should know by now. "Few more hours" means tomorrow evening :P

  • ::props eyelids up with matchsticks::

  • I'm really looking forward to the all-in-oneness and restrictions of this app compared to the more full featured individual apps. I feel like if it can work for me musically, the hope is that it will boost my creativity by forcing me to work within the restrictions. Of course, this is all speculation at this point but I hope this doesn't make me want to trade my GS128 for a varibrightness :)

  • @megamaeng same here

    i thrive within confines

  • just saw this on my phone

    dont have headphones with me right now :((

  • Very excited about this

  • listen, if y'all wanna be ready for _sum to drop, you gotta warm up. we don't need no injuries around here so follow along to be prepared:

  • ahhhh.. sorry had to watch jay's video...

    you can check it now!

  • downloading!!!

  • testing

  • … and instagrammed!!!