• i started a pretty cool sequence but have go somewhere for a few minutes

    tried to save a preset and failed

    checked briefly online and in help but i dont see and explanation prominently displayed in logical place (i'm sure its there...)

  • So they'll work with Mavericks and the latest version of Max?

  • @Jay Gilligan:

    Holy shit. Greg Irwin is my new hero.

  • @galapagoose Firstly, wow. Amazing unification of all this. This is awesome.

    Wanna throw this out before I forget:

    "the default router activation key is the top right. hold this down to see the router."

    From what I can tell right now, at least with Flin, is that the top right button of whichever app is essentially disabled. What do you think about a behavior that detects a 'press and hold' or something like that? Is there an effective way to have an app ignore a certain type of press but have the router be aware of it?

  • @karaokaze, Getting his charming kidney jabs in wherever he can. :)

  • glad y'all are enjoying it. we'll post up the max project in the morning for those that want to have a poke around. really love the little synth – very simple, yet expressive.

    re: preset saving, not currently supported (sorry!) but we'll figure that out shortly. for now we've been enjoying making sounds and recording audio without leaving the app!

    re: standalone- indeed it's a lot bigger so this is intended largely as a one-off. designed to help people get their heads around the possibilities of the grid in a fixed environment. we'll be distributing it included in the new installer package (soon!).

    re: router keys- unfortunately yes, the top-right key is disabled! we thought it was a good compromise in exchange for the router functionality in this introductory context. smallbatch will be reposted separately so you can edit the key (midi mapping / computer key / hold function).

    PS. has anyone tried it on windows yet?

  • @raja - the 'leds off on close' is a nice idea, but i'm not sure how to implement it -closebang never seems to work when you quit the whole app. i always just yank the cable and plug it back in! hahaha..

  • btw yes...its awesome
    as effortless as it is intended to be

    i LOVE the desktop icon

    no presets is fine i was just curious...

    about to dive into mlr lite

  • something else @galapagoose

    is there a way to turn off the delay on step?

  • @gli putting the rightmost step-fader on the topmost of the two middle cells will eventually leave no sound getting send to the delay line. this will likely get a little adjustment for the next update.

  • a lot of work mustve gone into this

    i am entertained

  • weird. after a few minutes the right half of the 256 went blank in all the sub-apps. when holding down the page-change button, the page-select leds on the right half still light up though. have no clue what happened to cause it.

  • @elquinto what year is your 256 ?

  • @s
    newest edition 256. hasn't happened since.

    really digging' the flin/step/beams pages. the built in synth is really nice too.


    finally made it sound like me

  • gli - nice. gonna give this a spin later.

  • @gli, this is really nice. in the wrong time zone, so still have to work for a couple of hours before I get home and can try monome_sum.

  • This is easily the most fun I've had on the monome yet. Wonderful.

    I'm sure this has already crossed your minds but I'd love some kind of arc integration, perhaps filter/modulation control?

  • really don't understand what I did to receive such a gift,
    thank you!

  • this is a beautiful application. thank you.

  • @all merci

    @juniortaxi arc integration is # 1 on my wishlist

  • this is mint, fist play and i got a tune out of it!

    just a couple of things though

    1) the top right key for the router was not preset. i had to map it myself in the advanced tab - is this expected behaviour?

    2) is there any way to access the beam channels past 8 on a 64 size grid (guessing not)?

    apart from that well done monome people

  • ah...this application and a rising sun..feeling good.

  • @jhindsight killer

    maybe i should read the docs now (had no idea you could do the thing with the square @ 0:18s)

  • Excellent! Immediate gratification leaving me want to dig deeper. Good sounds, and 'hey I'm making monome music!'

    Some sort of kill button might be handy, though maybe I just need to poke around some more.

    Goes straight to number one as the most fun I've had with a monome to date. Good work.

  • @gli that's just the polygome type thing. vimeo seems to have knocked it out of sync slightly

  • Congrats.
    This is AWESOME.
    The synth is epic.

    This must have taken forevs. Thanks for this. WOW.

  • ...I just have to say, this is awesome...

  • @galapagoose

    Just to add, after jamming for a while. Corners has crashed on me 2 times. If I play it too long everything cuts out, and the lights zigzag across my 128 from left to right.

    Still is AMAZEballs though! Congrats!

  • One time I got stuck in the step sequencer. I could still sequence, but I couldn't switch to another app. And a stop button somewhere would be nice.

    Yes, very very cool. Love the synth as well. This is also a great app for beginners, like me, since it comes loaded with sounds and you can start making something immediately.

  • @galapagoose
    i really love this app …can be possible to have the maxpat project ? i need some modification please… if i try to open it..i see that is locked :(

  • WOW incredible app! I'm also looking forward to mod it as well, and this is coming from someone with no max/msp knowledge. This is inspiring me to make music as well as dive into max. My initial thoughts is that I'd like to be able to:

    1. swap samples in Step (it's using samples right?)
    2. make some simple user patterns in gome
    3. save and switch presets with the grid.
    4. Separate record outputs for mlr, step, and synth

    I realize I can use the full apps but I really love how all in one this is with the built in synth. Looking forward to seeing if I can implement these changes myself!

  • @megamaeng

    step uses the internal synth. not sample based.
    -- changing+saving presets is likely to come in the next update.
    thanks for your ideas - good ones i think!

  • @s

    Thanks for the info! Does that mean that it changes depending on the synth settings? I didn't notice the drum sounds changing when I messed with the synth but maybe I was having too much fun to notice :) That's really cool tho! If drum synth parameters can be changed up, it can open up a bunch of possibilities, but maybe that will make it too complicated.

    But maybe that means that step can be modified to be used melodically in the global key settings if I use an mlr channel for drums?

    I hope it's not too early to be thinking of ideas. The app is great as it is fo sho!

  • i'm so happy to hear this shared enthusiasm for sum! i think what trent, brian and soren have made is a super fun and much needed solution to making the grid more friendly. i'm really excited to get away from using my 128 predominantly as a clip launcher.

    this morning i attempted to get over some serious camera shyness to record a little musical demonstration implementing all aspects of sum using the samples and sound generators it comes with. i'm not sure if there was too much caffeine or not enough but here you go:

  • @megamaeng

    the "only" ways to alter the step sounds is through corners and beams. i think this leaves room for some different sound exploration, especially if used together with custom samples in mlr tiny. that said, i also really like the idea of a little tab making it possible to change the drum sounds as long as it doesn't make the first impression more intimidating. it's never too early to think of ideas if you ask me. that said, let's try and squeeze all the juice out of this as it is now :)

  • pleeeeeeeeease add drum tweaking

    it would only be more awesome

  • @kcain thanks for bulldozing thru your shyness to share that clip

    its mesmerizing

  • Looking forward to playing with this :)

  • Is it available now? I didn't see a link anywhere for it?
    Nevermind, found it.

  • just made a test with an arduinome 64, definitively a great appz !
    congrats and thanks a lot to everyone involved in this one.

    @kcain : cool and well done video, thanks a lot to share

    @Sigabort : can't wait to use Gridlock and several launchpad for this one !

  • @nay, hmmm... maybe not i'm afrad, serialosc is built into the mxf so can't be replaced... unless the monome guys release the components so I can do a rebuild them i'm afraid this is monome only...

  • looks great tho, and I now have a monome :)

  • very nice, although the dogs don't really seem to be getting into it.

  • Wow! It worked right from the start! Very cool. Really fun to play with.