• @Sigabort : ok, bad news..but Monome guys and girls are open people, so i'm sure they 'll find a way, right..? ;-)

  • i think we should take this offline - don't want to detract from the content of the thread with our ramblings :)

  • @s yeah I agree we should get the most out of what it is right now! But selfishly thinking, I'm thinking of a scenario where I can learn some max while implementing some of the features I'm looking forward to.

  • heyo! i said i'd post the sources this morning, but i've been pretty under the weather. just adding some comments so hopefully it's a little easier to navigate the backend. as usual the backend is pretty complex in order to make the frontend so simple...

  • just been having a play... great fun... think lots of people are going to appreciate something that they can fire up and get going straight away... well done guys!

  • Good video, this app looks to be an effective dog tranquilizer. I've been looking for that feature!
    I'm also starting to see how vari-brightness can be pretty cool.

    Great job on piecing this all together, I'll give it a whirl...on a few machines. ;)

  • the sources for those interested, are hosted on the monome github account here:

  • Nice work! My arduinome 128 has been driving me mental, trying to get it to work with serialosc apps that span and all that. This just works. So fun, much easy. Video incoming.

  • hey, just noticed the docs say for beams
    13-16 flin, step, gome, mlr volumes
    but for me (on a 256) its
    13-16 flin, gome, step, mlr volumes

  • First go with sum tonight,

    Sponsored by hefeweizen.

  • Also, the beams bit slightly confuses me, possibly due to not paying enough attention to the docs. The other bits I can hit the buttons and I understand what is happening. It might be cool if the UI somehow reflected the grid just for the this section as to me it's kind of like the mixer part, you need to know what is happening.

    +1 for a "I don't know what's happening, stop everything" button, even if only on the UI.

  • only negative

    this app is making me want a 128 again

  • @gli
    I spend my days doing maths in my head to work out how to buy a 128 or 256

  • thanks g :)

  • @galapagoose, thanks for posting the source! Is there a current procedure for working with your own sample files, ala Right Click, show package contents, navigate to assets and replace? Or are we meant to hack source for that?

  • you can drag-drop samples onto the file name in the mlr interface!

  • on a sidenote, 'monome_sum git' is almost a googlewhack. has a nice ring to it aswell

  • I tried that, but the file seemed to disapear after i had dragged it in.

    edit: of course when i just tried it again it worked perfectly...

  • WOW. been in max all day, and now this! _sum feels like a new beginning for monome, making the grid so intuitively accessible. BADASS!

    That synth is just beautiful in it's simplicity too. Awesome work everyone.

    can't wait to poke around the patch/code :)

  • @tehn. Ah, of course. I'm still getting used to the idea that all sounds are synth created except for mlr. When I heard of 'replacing samples' when you guys announced sum, I immediately assumed drum samples :)

  • Corners: What's the function of the top left button on the grid? I can't find documentation of this at either of the following locations (unless of course I'm missing something somewhere which happens often):

  • just updated the wiki - top-left is a 'brake' in corners which increases the friction to maximum and causes the puck to slow to a stop. useful for when the modulation is a little too crazy or you want to pinpoint a specific mod setting.

  • can corner be stopped in some way?

    edit…sorry i saw now the last post… then the top left causes a stop …thanks

  • well played :) excellent work!!! lots of fun! beams had me thinking first, how annoying the lag, but now I get how cool it is.

    One minor thing I noticed: I would love to have immediate visual feedback onscreen of what app I select on the hardware. now it's changing on release. and i'm a lazy guy with a slow memory :p

    Even though the synth sounds surprisingly great already, I'm kinda afraid to say this, I can't help but think about midifying the whole thing. Really glad you released the source, it also seems to be a great javascript in max tutorial. And those last app slots invite to incorporate own apps. :)

    So or so, very inspiring stuff on every level. Thank you!

  • Call me stupid, but I am not at home with my grid at the moment. I have downloaded the app to see the interface. this is the stupid question: Do i have to open up the original apps in conjunction with? reason i ask is that I see no way of selecting any midi output on gome and flin etc?

  • @galapagoose, just tried it on win7 last night (with a 256 non-vari-brightness), it seems to work fine, i just had a few non-blocking issues:

    .when I activate the router, the bottom line leds showing the available columns seems to be shifted by 8 to the left, so leds 7-0 to 7-6 are lit instead of 7-8 to 7-14 (I don't have the monome at hand so numbers might not be correct)

    .in some apps (step/mlr) the bottom 128 buttons are not supposed to be used I guess so they're doing weird things (like re-triggering the same sample on every line in step)

    .audio stopped after about 15 minutes at first launch, buttons were still responding and lighting up, I just restarted sum and the serialosc service, and it was working fine for the next 30 minutes..

    some raw ideas after the first use ... (i barely know Max so I'm not sure if these are easy to achieve):
    .would it be possible to change the mlr loops' speed so they don't change as the tempo increases ? I realized that, as you change the tempo mlr changes the loops speed so that it stays at a 'reasonable' speed (not sure how to stay that) would it be easy to just add an on/off toggle for that function ?

    .custom gome patterns and mlr-style pattern recorders

    .loved the way the loops are set in mlr, would it be possible to make more 'sample layout presets' or a few options to modify each row's speed ?

    Anyway, huge thanks and congrats for that wonderful app, it's really fun to use and offers already a lot to play with, even with a non-vb grid.

  • @anzym glad to hear windows was mostly working.

    the shifting of the bottom row router leds is a known issue which isn't essential for functionality, but of course something we'll fix.

    thanks for the tip on the button half 256-thing. i don't think we noticed that on our end.

    when the audio stopped, do you remember what you were doing? especially i'm curious if it was something with FM.

    thanks a lot for your other suggestions! the sum was made to keep things as minimal as possible while maintaining a decent level of usability, so adding more stuff will be considered with that in mind.

  • Anyone on the midi point? Or is it restricted to the in app synth at present?

  • @fluxsta
    there is no midi. there is no rewire. the whole thing is designed to familiarise yourself w the grid, so i don't foresee these things being added.

    the router itself is very flexible so at some point soon i'll make a video describing how to assign another app to the router. or, how to 'replace' an inbuilt app with the original full featured version (no code required!). i think this functionality should minimise the features we need to add to sum.

  • @soren, now that you mention it I was actually fiddling with the synth's parameters (I did change the FM params) before it happened and the 2nd time I started sum I changed nothing but the synth envelope ..
    I'll try it again and will tell you how it goes ... (and yes the shifted buttons bug is really no big deal).

    exited to hear we'll be able to customize the apps in the router !

  • not even midi clock sync maybe? either way awesome app, thanks!

  • This is so great !!! Thanks !

  • @galapagoose Being able to replace the inbuilt app to the full version sounds awesome! Will we still be able to access the built in synth without coding?

  • I can't seem to figure out how to turn off all the delay and reverb. i have all space/reverb/delay settings at 0

  • @jessemiller: for flin/gome/step, then middle position is the least delay/reverb. for mlr, the bottom position is the least. these curves do need a little fine tuning though as the delay on flin/gome/step is still quite noticeable at this point...

    @bc3: maybe

    @megamaeng: uncertain. we'd need to add some more flexible routing for this and it would have to be over udp or midi which complicates things a whole lot. perhaps a better solution is to provide a max version of the synth with midi-input routing?

  • ^^ yeah I was going to recommend keeping this thing as concise and as true to its intended purpose, as you mentioned above.

    Especially since the source code is released, I see no reason why we can't get organized maybe in another thread and come up with some alternate version(s) that contain expanded features and functionality.

  • keep in mind that this app is based on existing apps that have existed here for years-- they're all on the wiki-- and they do a lot more than the sum version. the goal of sum was to integrate a few of these gracefully and have as little setup as possible.

    we'll be working on the router a bit more and throw together some tutorials on how to effectively use it with other existing applications. we'll be using it as a starting point to re-introduce and re-discover a ton of good applications that are already on the wiki this very moment.

  • The exciting part here (for me at least) is the unification of multiple apps within the router so you can just forget the app, and start making sounds. Sure the old apps are there, but I'd love to see more wrapped applications like sum in different carnations (different apps, different synths, samples, midi, vsts etc) It's been needed for so long and there have been so many semi flushed out attempts but this one nails it pretty nicely.

  • Is the smallbatch router available somewhere ?

  • the source is here: (it's called 'monome_sum.maxpat' for now), but it currently auto-loads sum when you open it. we need to clean up & implement a few things before we make a proper release of smallbatch by itself.

  • can't seem to stop it from switching my sample-rate to 3200KHZ if i switch sum stops audio and or freezes and needs to be force quit.
    OSX 10.8.5

  • @dadek are you using built-in audio driver or an external sound card? have you had similar issues in max in the past?

  • i am going to look through the source today and see if i can hack sum's pattern recorders into mlrv. thanks

  • @galapagoose
    Thanks mate. Was just keen to use the app as a one stop shop. Being able to select a midi channel on flin and gome to access my outboard gear would be awesome. I will wait for info on how to add the standalone apps within the router

  • Curiosity...i tried to add the full version of fin & polygome and it works...midi is sent inside monome_sum's synth... if i try the trick with arpshift, i am only able to connect the grid...but arpshift sequencer doesnt start..can someone tell me their experience to understand which apps works?
    And i think that this incredible app can be a start point to share monome apps setup between users :)

  • @soren I tried to reproduce the audio bug I had, played with all the synth's params but nothing happened .. even after a few hours playing with sum, everything works fine ! (I guess my old pc is to blame for that bug)

  • just the business.....been playing for a while and great job all involved! Awaiting where this is going in terms of updates. Good stuff

  • had a chance to try monome_sum out this morning, what a fantastic package! really awesome work putting this together. to just plug it in, click connect, and have sound coming out was pretty awesome. i recorded a little video as well:

  • cool vid :)

  • thanks :) pretty rough but glad you enjoyed