BROOKLYN! Monome meet?

  • So after meeting everyone at Galapagos last night, i was thinking, it'd be great to have a monthly meet-up with all us monome folks. Anyone whos down, post up in here, and lets figure out a night, and a venue. It could be live performance (e.g. a more traditional "club night" with a focus on the monome) or it could just be a place to chill, talk patches, and jam together. Let me know what you're all thinking (if you're down) and we'll figure something out.

    In San Diego, there was a club called The Kava Lounge, and the owner would let local producers get together on the first monday night of every month to hang, listen to each other's new music, and whatever else we felt like doing, including the occasional live jam. It was a great experience, he made sure the club was closed that night so it felt really supportive and free - no grandstanding or showcasing with fans, just peers sharing music, knowledge, advice, and new techniques.

    We called it "Family Matters" and i'd love to have a communal space like that here. anyone down?

  • I know i've made a suggestion like this before, but it was winter, i'd just moved here, and it was cold as fuck. I stayed inside. it's different now, sort of. march weather screws with your head ;)

  • kris from galapagos seemed really happy about last night… he might be into letting you use the upstairs gallery once a month if you ask him?

  • That's a great idea! I'll hit him up soon. who's with me? I'd prefer a space where there wasn't money involved.

    Actually, if there was it would be for the sake of putting money into a communal pot that we could use to throw events - that way we could invite people to watch performances at that space, but then all donations would got to future events.

    anyway, just brainstorming here, but i'll talk to kris and see what's up. Thanks Jay.

  • check with the folks behind

    they regularly organize shows around town and stage events/meetups

  • nice one! thanks @gli :)

  • dont think any of their artists use monomes but most use ableton/max in some way

  • pshhh. no one without a monome is allowed. we're an exclusive community, damnit! ;)

  • I'm in. Had a great time last night. I like the idea of it being positioned as monome-centric within reason.

  • yeah, i mean anyone can come. hell peeps that want to could even give short lectures on topics - i'd love to hear more about trent's experiences developing mlrv 1 and 2. I'd love to see someone give a lecture about the basics of setting up a device - we just promote it as a "get to know a monome" class.

    really the options are limitless - would love to hear any ideas. I've got a few things on my plate at the moment but i'll hit up kris at galapagos soon.

  • if y'all just want to hang out and play with some weird musical toys we could just hang in my lounge room one evening? always keen for a chat and to meet new people in this oft-unfriendly city.

    next week? pm for details?

  • @galapagoose

    PMing now sir.

  • i'm in brooklyn kinda often, so i would be down for this as well.

  • @galapagoose check PMs :)

    fully down for this. i need to get out of my head a bit anyway - i've been messing with emulating CVs in max a bit - doing my head in. lol and i need to find a job, not learn max at the moment :P

  • is anybody free / keen for a meetup thursday night? so long as we can relocate soren's air-mattress for a few hours, hah!

  • I'm down.

  • .......hmmmmm...........been meaning to check out yer modular @galapagoose,,,

  • looking forward to meeting you guys! if anyone in the city is bored tomorrow, i'll be trying to engage culturally in my surroundings for a change and see manhatten++. so any tips are very welcome, or if anyone feels like being guid for a an hour or so. yep yep.

  • hah! yes, please, someone help soren!

    we're on for thursday evening too. i live in bed-stuy right near the A-C or a little walk from the G train. will PM my address to all interested parties tomorrow night!

  • ahh, one more reason i wished i lived near ny.
    the trip from se asia is just a little too far to make it :-)

  • @s dude, i'm down. i know it's late in the day, but i'll shoot you a PM with my phone number.

    @galapagoose def include me in that PM, guy :)

  • sorry i missed out guys, stuck in the studio till 'round midnight. beers and more geekery soon? there is a mebleep event at control in williamsburg coming up

  • Sorry to rez an old thread – did anything more concrete/regular come of this? I've been back in Brooklyn/Bushwick for almost two years now and finding people to do music/art stuff with is still a challenge. Just recently started getting into modulars (~6 mos ago) and monome (~2 weeks) ago, so this would be ace :D

    – robert

  • let's do something. I'm still around

  • I'll be in NY most of the time through the spring - I'm down for any modular or monome things.

  • maybe we can meet at a space where we can just plug in a bunch of things of make sounds?

  • @Active that would seem to be ideal, may be difficult to find such an arrangement though. Maybe at like a bar or something... I'll start asking around!

  • I know some synth people who are looking to start something up - the worlds are converging pretty quickly, especially with Aleph and two euro modules from monome, so maybe we can put it all together.