Teasing my next tour/album

  • So, after a few months without touring, i am happy to share this little teaser. As you can see, i will be playing with a band now, which is quite new for me, at least in this project. We are currently rehearsing and that's pretty exciting. i'll almost give up the mental livelooping stuff to focus more on chamber electronic music.

  • OMG, that was amazing! talk about a quartet for all time... when can you share more music?

  • exciting!

    beautifully filmed
    only drawback is waiting a few months to hear the rest

    that 202 :)

  • w
    some real magic is happening there! i'm excited!

  • it makes you want to see more, very well done

  • Makes me want to see more as well !
    Are you planning to tour this summer ?

  • Beautifully done! I can't wait for the new album, will there be a vinyl version?

  • Glad you like it !
    There will be of course a vinyl edition. Before the release of the album, there should be one or two EPs as well, assorted with videos.
    I don't think we will play this summer, it's a bit too soon. But who knows ?
    The Cello/viola/violin/clarinet quartet sounds just great, this is such a perfect combination of timbres. And bass clarinet is a moog killer. We'll play playing drumpads, korg delta, casiotone, MC202, MFB Kraftwerg and microbrute as well.
    I am not sure we will really have the chance to play far from france with the whole band, but i'd love to !

  • mmmmm

    bass clarinet

  • @gli
    exactly my thought.

    @chapelier fou
    that really sounds like an excited 2014 for you (and for us, of course :D)

  • awesome! US dates?