raspberry pi + puredata

  • yay, I just got an rPi in the mail. first thing I did after booting up was install PD and log on here :)

    just was excited.


  • I have a PD patch I would very much like to have as a standalone I may have to look into the pi

  • so many videos! so much high pitched whine

    I know this is about the PI buuuut has anyone else messed around with mobmuplat for ios? it allows vanilla PD patches and GUI layouts (via an application on the computer) to be uploaded in pairs to the ipad and the result is a standalone PD patch with GUI running solely on the ipad (also app is free)

  • PD! Is it running smoothly though? I had some issues with more complicated patches. SuperCollider on the other hand, was brilliant. SC only uses 8mb memory as a default, much less than the Pi's 512mb RAM

    I also found that I had to have a USB audio interface as the Pi's output had some pretty bad sound, but I heard they have fixed this issue, is it true?

  • @wednesdayayayay wow mobmuplat looks awesome, it even features midi! That's exactly what I was hoping Max's MIRA would be

    now if only I had an iOS device...

  • Yeah the Pi has an audio output, which has a nice midrange, but has pretty bad bass and high frequencies. Also, since it's powered by the same processor, if you're using lots of CPU power, the audio can begin to lag and things of the nature. Seems that everyone who does anything with audio has some small $30ish USB sound card.