serialOSC stops working after a few minutes

  • i am using MLR 2.6.1aux.

    my GS64 stops working as an aux when i am trying to change volumes and do fx's.
    my output meter is still moving, but i can't trigger anything off of it.

    is something wrong with my serialOSC?

    windows 7 64 bit
    serialOSC 1.2a
    Max Runtime 6.1
    monome 256 + GS64

  • 256 works both in /mlr and /mlr-aux, whereas the gs64 does not work when it stops responding.

    when i relaunch mlr my gs64 does come up on which one to connect but it does not respond, and my 256 comes up and responds to /mlr and /mlr-aux.

    are there any other (older/newer) serialOSC versions out?

  • i also tried pages and my 256 keeps working but my GS64 stops working.

  • serialosc itself is probably fine.

    can you explain more precisely how it stops working? do both grids stop? do things disappear from the serialosc dropdown?

  • @tehn
    when i start mlr 2.61 aux midiout. i connect the 256 to the main sample window then connect the GS64 to the aux window.

    as i am playing around with the GS64, i start to trigger rows on the 256 and when i try to do some tilt delays or change the group levels on my GS64, it stops working. The GS64 is still receiving data, but won't send out data. this happens to the app pages as well. But when i change the aux to the 256, it works perfectly fine minus the tilt.

    The 256 grid continues to work when the GS64 stops working

  • could it be maxmsp?

  • alright. i only had my GS64 plugged in and started mlr 2.61 and use the GS64 as my sample trigger. i fiddled around with my samples and it stops sending data, but receives data on the grid.

    is it the GS64 that is faulty? i read a post somewhere that someone else did have an issue with their GS128 as well.


    monome serial#: m64-0637

  • i did the setup for OSX on my brother's macbook, and it works like a charm.

    difference between windows 7 and osx 10.6.8 serialOSC is that when you disconnect the devices and reconnect it on windows 7, it does not come back on in the connect menu whereas OSX displays the devices once it reconnects and works as attended to.

    i guess i'll have to get a mac soon.

  • let me test disconnection on our windows system, i didn't think there was a known bug here.

  • Thanks @tehn.

    I tried it on my other Windows 7 pro machine and I the same problem occurred.

  • @tehn

    my bad tehn. actually, my devices does show when i disconnect and connect the devices.

    when my GS64 is bugged out and just only receives data, i have to disconnect my gs64 and reconnect it an soft connect on mlr for it to respond. i have to repeat these steps over and over for my GS64 to work when it gets bugged out.

    this happens in monome test as well. everything works well on the 256, but not the GS64

  • which version of the 256 is this? 2011 or newer? i'm wondering if the issue might be protocol specific in serialosc?

  • @galapagoose
    it's an older version. i believe 2008 or 2009.

    the serial for my 256 is m256-185

  • hrmmm.. that rules out my thought as that model uses the same serial protocol as the gs.

  • i had similar issues when i used my monomes with my "old" hp-windows-notebook..
    to me it seemed that this computer wasn't "strong" enough to handle the device(s).
    that has changed when i bought an EXTERNALLY-POWERED-usb-hub!
    and everything went much better when i purchased a macbook... . .
    mhh, maybe macs have better power supplier...!? i've no clue.....

    try an externally powered usb-hub before getting a mac! ;D

  • thanks for the advice @birdster

  • both windows PC computers i've tested are IBM, so maybe. i am going to try it on my desktop now.

  • @birdster what's the output voltage and amps on your power supply for your USB hub and what brand do you have as your external powered USB hub?

    i am using a 4.5 voltage + 1 amp power supply for my external hub

    it works for a little bit, but i feel like there isn't enough voltage for the GS64 because it stops.

    i've been fearless and inputted 6 volts to the USB hub and my GS64 last longer before it can't send data anymore lol.

  • i'm using "Belkin F5U404PBLK USB 2.0 4-PORT"

    power adapter says:
    Input: 100-240V -- 50/60Hz 0.5A
    Output: +5V --- 2.5A

  • Thanks. I am gonna go to fry's today @birdster