Delay/reverb based aleph scenes?

  • Hi there,
    I'm curious to hear the aleph in action as a non-looping delay or reverb unit. Has anyone created a simple reverb for the thing? Any videos of it? Also, how much mileage would one get trying to turn it in to "two effects in one", creating one signal chain for inputs 1 and 2, and a separate chain for inputs 3 and 4? I can see myself wanting to set it up so I could send from a mixer, where send one is a bitcrusher or something and send 2 is a delay/reverb, both going through the aleph.

  • i was thinking about adding a reverb module to the feature requests

    good idea

    [not sure whether the dual dsp you described is possible...]

  • there's a space echo emulation but no reverb at this point. i'm hoping to put together some very straightforward demo videos in the coming weeks.

  • Thanks Brian. What about the "two effects in one" question. Does that make sense?

  • some of those things are already possible.. e.g. Lines has a very flexible routing matrix, so you go from a non looping delay effect and then into a filter or bitcrush type effect intenally

    (and hopefully more people who understand dsp programming will get involved and add some other fx too)

    In terms of luscious reverbs I've always understood (thought maybe wrongly) that it's an incredibly computationally expensive process, this is why i purchased a hardware reverb unit after i purchased the Aleph. The Aleph isn't a super computer so I thought it might be best to use it for it's flexibility and expandability and leave reverb to existing dedicated units. Just my approach :)

  • I agree to you, Duncan, that the Aleph is certainly no super computer. Nobody would expect it to be able to generate complex reverbs like the Eventide Space. But I personally would still like to see some simple, "shitty" sounding reverb algorithms on the platform.

    There are, for example, a few digital reverb modules for eurorack right now. Some of them are by no means on the same level as an Eventide. They still go a long way to add character to a sound, and it would just be really nice to be able to generate something like that with the Aleph as well. I hope that's within reach at some point.

  • actually the dsp is quite powerful, and with some optimized code we should be able to get a pretty good reverb. i'll add this to our constantly-reprioritizing list of updates!

  • Yes we can easily make good synthetic reverb (imho) via 4x4 feedback delay net, allpasses, lowpasses, pre-defined coefficient sets. Deep planning for this already. Straightforward expansion/modification of lines with different filters, single stereo output bus.

    You can already do a lot with the 2x2 plus SVF structure in lines.

    bitcrushing is easy, it remains for more people to approach recombining DSP blocks to their liking. I'll personally be doing this for the foreseeable future, though not on a super aggressive schedule.

    As far as issues list, more specific feature additions to allow reverb patches are already in lines related issues etc.

    I think modern hi-def techniques like partioned convolution are possible only with a sustained and focused effort, don't count on this unless an obsessed person gets their hands on codebase.

  • On convolution: what about short FIR kernels (4096 samples) for EQing purposes? Hard to implement?

  • i haven't really done FIR on the aleph yet. they are very easy to implement, harder to design. i imagine it would work fine up to a certain length.

  • how about an 8 ohm reverb tank driven off the headphone output!?

  • haven't actually tried it yet myself with the aleph but can't imagine it can any harm though? Used that trick last time I was in studio with some cheapo behringer notepad mixer to drive the tank and it sounded good - much better than all the dated digital rack mount gear they had!

  • +1 for the idea of a reverb - something along the lines [!} of what Ezra said about a good synthetic reverb via 4x4 feedback delay net etc would be really good. Personally, I'm not a big fan of convolution reverb.

  • I don't use much hi-fi reverb in my own stuff. I'm more interested in *interesting* reverb than, as we're all saying, beating eventide at their own game. "Shitty" reverb can be very musically useful, especially if it's flexible.