[help] monome 40h setup / defect ?

  • After @gbjazz asked for some help to setup his monome 40h for the first time on OS X 10.6.8 (see link below), I tried to help him via phone support yesterday. Unfortunately we've not been able to get his 40h to work.

    Here's what we already did:
    > installed like described here: http://monome.org/docs/setup:mac
    > started "monome test" patch
    > "serialosc.maxpat" does not populate the device (No Errors in the max window)
    > "monome commands" returns "FTDI installed: ok" + "FTDI running: NOT OK…"
    > neither plugging/un-plugging / rebooting nor running "on-ftdi.command" changes this behaviour
    > re-installing "FTDIUSBSerialDriver_v2_2_18.dmg" + going through the above steps does not change the behavior either
    > installing a previous FTDI version "FTDIUSBSerialDriver_v2_2_16.dmg" (which I still carry on my hd) + going through the above steps….still no dice
    > repeated all steps on another machine [mac mini], changed usb cable + changed the used usb port….the problem persists
    > after further testing it turns out that the device does not even gets populated in OS X System Profiler/Hardware/USB

    No USB Hub is involved.
    @gbjazz purchased the 40h on eBay.

    At the moment this pretty much looks like a hardware issue to me, or am I missing something obvious here?

    Any help to identify / fix this issue is very much appreciated!!

  • 40h or 40h kit?

  • Plug it in to a wall. USB adapter like a phone charger etc that's giving out 5v. The Monome animation should show on the device. Is this the case?

  • @dean
    THANKS for your reply!!!
    ...the startup pattern....of course....how could i miss this....stupid me....
    ...always a pleasure to work with professionals : D
    i never owned an original 40h but i'm pretty sure it's a 40h and not a 40h kit
    @gbjazz sent me this photo from the device:

  • It's a monome 40h, get him to check this pattern and let me know. I'm certain this is a simple fix.

  • Dean, I have checked it now with the USB Charger of my Iphone. There are no LED in operation when i connect it . Ist the same when i connect it to my macbook pro and my mac mini ( no LED in Operation )

  • ok, he tried it on a macbookpro + macmini + windows pc + USB Adapter:
    NO startup pattern at all
    "I'm certain this is a simple fix." - I'd assumed the opposite in this situation. A simple fix would be so great!!! Thanks again for your help!!!

  • .....ooohhh....I've been typing to slow ;P
    sorry for double posting....

  • It's likely to be a hardware issue here i'm afraid. Are you in Germany?

  • Dean, i am from Germany , nearby Frankfurt. Is it possible to get spare parts ? I know a few electronic specialists to carry out this repair.
    Optional : Is there an Option to carry out the repair in the USA ?
    Best Regards - thanks in advance.

  • I don't know what the repair needed is, may be the case of just opening the case and doing a visual assessment to make sure chips as ribbons are in place?

  • Dean, i am not the specialist for the regular factory outlet of this item. I assume that there is a defect of the FTDI - USB Chipset, or there might be a lack of fusion of a soldering connection or something else. There are a lot of possibilities in this electronic device. At least i would prefer a check in the factory shop , if possible.
    Thanks for your comment.