Arc2MIDI - new M4L device

  • Hi everyone,

    ... working on a m4l device that allows the arc (4) to be used as a MIDI controller in Ableton. feel free to check it out (see attachment).

    instructions :

    - connect your arc
    - hit MIDI-mapping
    - press 'map' for the desired encoder
    - click on the desired parameter inside Live

    A 'paging system' has been implemented in order to expand the number of encoders (the right most encoder serves as page changer).
    Additionally you can map 'button presses' in the lower area of the MIDI-mapping window. Since this app was designed for the new (buttonless) arc, button presses are replaced by a quick turn at the encoders. feel free to add support for the original arc.

  • This is exactly what I've been hoping for! Thanks so much for posting, you've made my day!

  • Tx juniortaxi!

  • Ithkaa,
    Going to give this a try this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing. Just wondering, is this a two way communication? i.e. If the parameter is changed in Live..via automation or whatever, do the LED's on the arc respond?

  • @RAH not for now ...

  • Just powered it up....very nice.
    I like your 'not for now' you have plans for a two way communication?

  • tx RAH. just wanted the arc to control faders and such in Live. Was thinking about adding two way comm but was to much of a hassle at the time. Will probably add in the (near) future. In the mean time, feel free to give it a shot yourself ...

  • Awesome! I'll try myself, but honestly, I'm not much of a'd take me all summer probably..

  • You have an arc3? Those are rare.

  • just saw one of the knobs off an arc4. easiest mod ever!

  • I don't know, man. Can you post an Instructable?

  • Just fired this up yesterday, its really solid. I like the paging system you used for designating the focus of the knobs. I'll try to post a bug report, because I think i found one at one point... Any idea of when the push button integration would be available? I could test for you.

  • Tx Yorke, let me know if you find any bugs ... I'll look into original arc support soon.

  • @yorke could you try this edit? you can switch between legacy and hi-res arc. I'm patching in the dark a bit cause I got no older arc, so not sure if it will work. let me know ...

  • I'll give it a go later today and get back to you.

  • great utility ithkaa, thanks for sharing.

    i have to open the patch for the ark to actually output/receive anything.

    which version of max and live was this made with?
    i'm on osx 10.7.5, live 9.1.2 max 6.1.6

    i get no errors in the max window, just no input/ouput on the arc unless i open the patch - that's all.

  • Curious, I'm not having that issue.

  • @s, I made it on osx 10.9.2, live 9.1.2 max 6.1.6 (both 32 bit). you could try unlocking and locking it again, maybe also save it again. I'm using the zeroconf-serialosc.maxpat in stead of the standard one in order to use pages properly (you can find it here : maybe that's the problem (?)

    @Yorke, button presses are working in legacy mode?

  • button presses are a go, so is legacy switching. nice job!

  • I am curious about your orientation choices for the layout. at the moment, if I orient the arc4 to read enc 0,1,2 then the paging encoder from left to right, the visual feedback on the arc knobs all start with "0" being 90 degrees, or in the "north" position. its a little odd, i would think that it would be more intuitive if the feedback lights started at 0 degrees, or in the south position, to mirror the knobs in the MFL window.

    If I turn the arc around, then the knob layout from left to right reads "paging system, knob 2, 1, 0". which is still pretty odd.

    is this the same on your system?

  • Yeah, I thought about that, but I needed this thing to work for a show and wasn't bothered too much by the inversed orientation. Led 0 is at the top and 63 is to the left of it, which translates easily into 0. 1.. Changing the orientation seemed to be too much of a hassle at the time. I'll look into it next week ...

  • ... adjusted the visualization in the m4l window. 0 is still north but now mirrors m4l window

  • Thanks again for this ithkaa, its really cool. the updates are great, I might open it up and try to actually learn something for once!