• Is there an an updated version of this scene somewhere that will work with bees 0.5.x? I really want to try it out and see what's going on under the hood. Thanks!

  • hey!
    it's lost somewere back in 0.2 or something, but i rebuilt a much more robust version the other day in 0.5.3 so will add the encoders and cv mapping and upload.

  • Sweet. Thanks!

  • Any updates? I'm gassing to get my hands on this or the cv tutorial :)

  • +1 here...

  • aye! sorry for the delay -> been super busy building arcs & alephs, but will get to this very shortly. a proper cv tutorial is needed and this is a nice extension upon those techniques so i'll roll it all out together...

  • You rule @galapagoose. Can't wait!