Pages Keyboard - how does scale config work ?

  • hello,

    can somebody demistify the scale config in pages for me:


    what are the 6 input fields for ? And what order are they in, which input field apples to what (ordered left column, right column or in rows ?) ?

    What do these sequences mean:


    couldn't find anything in themanual for this .. pretty sure i've asked this before but since the search on this site is total garbage it's impossible to find now ...

  • hey discopimp, these are semitone steps from the root note to define the scale. so the first one is the major scale, whole (2) whole (2) half (1) WWWH etc.

    see the layout for the midi keyboard page in the manual:

    the scale buttons select between them. 8x8 only has 3 scale buttons, larger monomes have all 6.

    the order is left to right, top to bottom.

  • thx phortran .. thx and sorry for the late reply .. haven't been using the monome much for over a year, only getting back to it now.

    that's a weird way to define a scale :)
    so not semi-tone steps 'from the root-note' more a sequential list of a/b values (half or whole) ? sorry if i'm being thick about this, can't seem to wrap my head around this in a productive way. with this i have now to translate any scale i want to use into this notation, a step i find tedious and unneccessary ...

    so how would i setup/write the scale C, D#, G, Bb, C, D, F is what i' trying to wrap my head around at the moment. does it matter how many notes the scale has vs the amount of pads (using a monome 256) ? and how do i determine the keyrange what if i want c1-c3 ?

    would it be hard to switch this to notes on future versions, would be nice to be able to input say E, A#, Db, E or to have a selection list of commonly used scales like

    it would also help a lot if the input boxes were a bit bigger so one could see the whole thing

    have a couple of other questions:

    some of the windows in the java app can't be resized and items disappear partly and can't be accessed:

    i'm on OSX 10.9.2 with Java Version 7 Update 55 and pages-0.2a51

    i'm also wondering about the led_row clear thing .. i remember there was an option to 'disable led cache' in the 1.38 version i've been using until now. i vaguely remember that someone told me to always enable it ... had some stuck leds at the time with molar i think

    what is this option about ? when/why should i use it ?

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