Current up-to-date routes for a custom arduinome build

  • Hi there,

    I appreciate that there are already a few threads on this exact topic. However, unless I'm mistaken, they're all 2+ years old, and from what I can see one or more of the parts in any given build is unavailable. I'd like to start a discussion on what can be done today to BYO arduinome/monome.

    With that in mind, I was wondering if anyone here has been doing their own research recently into potential build routes.

    Here's what I have found:

    For the pads, the cheapest and easiest (complete with pcbs etc) is still the route. I notice that official monome pad replacement kits are now being sold, however no pcbs as of right now. The sparkfun route has the advantage that faceplates and cases could still be potentially available. I have noticed as well that still stock clear acrylic faceplates for the 40h kit pads, which are now being resold (if only the pcbs were available).

    For the arduino side of things, my knowledge is lacking, but from what I can see there are no currently stocked sets of arduino board + shields. The old pcb schematics exist for starfires build, but unless there's a group orders of them are still happening this would be expensive. Does anyone know of any others?

    AFAIK the other components shouldn't be hard to source, diodes and caps etc.

    This is my first post, after trying to glean as much as I could from the others, sorry if I didn't follow the rules.

    Thanks for your time.

  • I'd like to second this as well. I'm rather late to the arduinome party but would love to start constructing one.

  • I am also new to the community but interesting in building an arduinome.

  • I'd suggest checking out
    It looks like he still has boards available for the Sparkfun button PCB and 40h Logic boards.
    This wouldn't be an arduinome per-se but would be a 40h clone with Sparkfun buttons.

    Also, last I heard this guy was still trying to sell off a bunch of sparkfun compatible faceplates he had made some time back.!/~/category/id=487197&offset=0&sort=normal
    I'd suggest an email rather than online purchase to make sure they're still available.

    For my Arduinome 128 I used 2 x unsped sheilds that I bought ages ago, I couldn't find any online sellers for these right now but you can get the PCB files and order your own in a batch if there are a few of you.

    I recently re-brained the unsped sheilds with two teensy ++ 2.0 boards with flying wires to cable them onto the shields. It meant I could keep the case a little more low profile and it worked fine with the standard arduino firmware. The only trick with the Teensy (and possibly the newer Ardunio Uno) is to set the device serial number, this is done by editing a file inside the aruino IDE before flashing the board. It anyone goes down that path let me know and I can dig it out and find out for sure (at work at the moment)

    Hope that helps.

  • Basing of what the parts list suggests mostly everything which an Arduinome needs is still for sale at Sparkfun and Digikey.
    However there are a few items which Digikey no longer sell these are the


    Anyone know where these can be purchased from?

    For the shields however I'm stumped, no one does group buys anymore for the different types of shields and I'm not sure which PCB files are the correct ones if I were to custom order my own batch. (I've read there is several different type of shields?)

  • late starter here as well. even more late from what i can see. ive figured out where to acquire a majority of the parts listed at flipmu/maximporges page. now i just need to figure out how to acquire the PCB shield. ive messaged someone on here and am just waiting back for a reply. anyone else trying to worm their way through starting a build?

  • update: i was just able to contact Kyle at 4PCB and got a single shield for 33 bucks plus 19 or so shipping (steep imo).

    his email is if anyone is in need of a shield as well.