ssensse, and introducing mesh

  • trent gill (galapagoose) performs ssensse using mlrv and the new application mesh which records live gestures into a large number of banks, allowing instant replay of past selves layered one upon another.

  • very nice! (both the performance and the app)

  • damn! missing that barn!!!

  • awesome! thanks.

  • interesting

    so the 128 is mlrv and the 64 is mesh in this clip?

  • @gli: yep, that's what it looks like.

  • that's right. very much learning as i go, but mesh feels like a really powerful way to extend the possibilities of a musical performance. you can record anything from a single key press, to a full minute of gestural performance. this is something i'll be extending and developing for a while, though perhaps as something separate to this basic version.

    also - there's a new version of mlrv (2.5) available w/ standalone app version:

  • nice

  • hi! i have to agree with l00p both the performance and the app are great!

    i've tested with my gs128 in split mode with 64fingers and mlrv. mesh on the left 8×8 quadrant works great, but the leds on the client application on the right quadrant won't light or just stay lit for a very short time as if they are overwritten by a map massage.

  • great video ! if i understand all this correctly we now have a 63-pattern recorder/router to use with any other app ? sounds great !

    just saw it comes only as an osx standalone app for the moment .. I guess it'll be available on windows too ? can't wait to try it !

  • wow, mesh makes me wish i had a second grid. super useful and crazy it works with any serialosc app! i also really appreciate the mlrv update. been having a weird issue in the last couple releases though. really easy to reproduce. i posted it to the github.

  • Speaking of second grids... Is there any word on if/when the next batch of 64's will drop?

    Also, I adore the 'ssensse' track, is there an extended version available anywhere?

  • @galapagoose
    I presume i can spread mesh and mlrv across a 256? not at home to try right now

  • @sno: will test this (most of my testing was on a vari-bright 128) and post a solution.

    @anzyM: osx standalone for now. i tried to build the standalone in a windows VM on my mac but it didn't work. i'd be grateful to anyone who could build this for me? also, you can just run it as a max patch in max6.1

    @juniortaxi: probably an extended version on an upcoming release... sometime... somewhere

    @fluxsta: at present you could have mesh on the upper-left quadrant, and your app will be only the right 8x16 buttons. alternatively you could use 'switch' mode and have access to the full 256, and the mesh on a page.

    after you've played around with this i'd be keen to hear some feedback & thoughts on how it could be refined – i've tried to think of a lot of general use cases for this, but my mind is set on particular types of performance. let me know!

  • will have a little delve when home mate….thanks :-)


    looks awesome, but will have to update to the new serialosc as stated yeah?

  • @galapagoose: thanks! the patch is running fine on windows with the last max/serialosc patch and using a non-vb 256, i guess i'd need a max6 licence to be able to build the app ?

    I tried it with mlrv with the switch mode but I found it hard to play like this (or i just don't switch between the apps fast enough :p)

    Is there an app that can split a 256 into virtual monomes ? i didn't have much time to look into it yesterday .. quadrants doesnt seem to do it .. maybe pages ?

  • quadrants does that, but won't work with mesh (mesh is in many ways the same as quadrants). i'd rather refine this version of mesh so that it makes sense on the 256. let me know how you'd like to see it work, and then we can go from there.

  • ok i thought quadrants was only splitting the monome in sub-monomes and allowing to route each sub-monome to an already opened app and not creating virtual ones you can select from your apps, but i did not try it with others apps than mesh ..

    as for the layout i'd like to have on the 256, i think it would be something like :

    .top 128s > mlrv
    .bottom-right 64s > mesh recorders
    .bottom-left 64s > another app
    (or bottom 128s > mlrv etc ... not really sure what's best)

    just another idea ... i'm thinking maybe the bottom-left 64s could also be used as stop buttons for the recorded sequences ? (or maybe just another shift button to do it to waste less "button space")
    in your performance you're actually recording rather short sequences so in this case it might not be really useful .. but for recording/playing back long sequences it might be.

  • @galapagoose

    had a chance to play mate on my non-vari 256. Awesome work and stable as anything.
    You stated :

    "at present you could have mesh on the upper-left quadrant, and your app will be only the right 8x16 buttons. alternatively you could use 'switch' mode and have access to the full 256, and the mesh on a page"

    This is what I had and the left 64 on the grid was indeed mesh, and the right 64 mlrv. The bottom 128 was all funky and lots of moving leds from left to right? Could you clarify this behaviour and whether theseLED's moving represent, or ar indeed supposed to serve a function. Are they stop buttons, as sometimes a press would stop one mesh pattern I had just recorded?

    In the switch mode how do i move between mesh and the host app if using the whole 256? Haven't figured out yet?

  • having just read the app page it is clearer now, but you mention specifically 64 and 128 grids? so how do i utilise the whole 256? eg, as you stated 'have mesh on a page' would that function? would i run it through pages or is it possible within the mesh app?

  • @fluxsta: i'm also using a non-vb 256, when i tried the switch mode, the top-right button (next preset button in mlrv) was switching from mesh to the client app (turn on delay or reverb in mlrv to 'see' where you are)

  • the reality is i don't have a 256 to test these things. when i'm visiting upstate i can test things but generally this is a last minute thought / bug test. personally i'm not sure how people would want to use mesh in the context of a 256 so that's why i asked above for suggestions on how this should work – please let me know!

    i'd like to make this app quite flexible but trying to keep the interface very minimal and logical for all users. obviously there's some functionality that only makes sense for a 256 (like having 2 client apps - one to the right, and one at bottom) so any thoughts on how to implement this without requiring me to maintain 2 separate apps is appreciated.

    ie. "it's not very suited for 256 right now, but could be, help me figure out how!"

  • ^^ Can someone get this monome employee a 256 for testing?! ;P

    Seriously, though..from my perspective it does seem a tad crazy that you don't have at least a 64, 128, 256 (on loan at least?!) for spot testing all this great software you're cranking out lately.

  • i actually own a 256 but it's back in australia :-s... this is more a matter of not wanting to delay the release of software any longer (i've been sitting on this for a while!) because i haven't thought of every use case. for other software (like sum) of course i have tested on 256.

    more pratically though - i don't personally use a 256! and so i'd love to know how you folks that do can see mesh being useful. i'm confident i can code for a 256 (i've got a couple 128s here i can use together) once i've got the conceptuals down.

  • ok thanks for clearing things up, as i don't have much experience in max, i did not actually realize how complicated this could be. for now i think i just need to play with it a lot more.
    much thanks again for what you've done lately trent, and hope to see many more performances of you using mesh !

  • @galapagoose

    great app - in dual mode however i'm not getting any led feedback on the grid or arc which is running the app which is being recorded. i am using the latest serialosc.maxpat. help would be appreciated.

  • The link for mesh appears to be down? I only get a contents column show up, tried on two computers now? Wanted to re-download after a system clear out which left me without a lot of max patches..

  • clearing cache now, web server crash earlier

  • Can't wait to try these two on the 256 @pmags is hooking up

  • @galapagoose
    had a hard time figuring out how to set up mesh so haven't really tried it out yet (can someone post a screenshot of it set up properly?), but on a 256 i'd prefer using it in a quadrants setup in pages. the other way i think this would work best on a 256 is if there was a "shift" mode, where mesh is only revealed when holding down the switch button. might be quicker and easier than actually switching. again, haven't tried it out yet so this is just conjecture.

    btw when trying to set up mesh i kept loosing led feedback to the top left quadrant of my 256. even after quitting and restarting max i still couldn't get led feedback in that quadrant (in any app). had to unplug the monome to get it working again.

  • @galapagoose - neither of my grids are varibright versions - not sure whether that accounts for the lack of led feedback in dual mode..

  • i cannot wait to try to get this going. just a question, does this app loop the nodes once recorded or is it all one-shot?

  • yes, one-shots only. it would be possible to change modify things but it would need to be a global option.

    i'm working on new software that borrows a lot of these ideas, so i'm unlikely to spend a lot of time adding features to mesh, but if you do find things that are broken / could be greatly improved do let me know!

  • one shot is cool. a global loop on/off would be very cool. but i don't want to waste your time as i know you know your priorities and interests.

    another question though: say i have a multipage app like sum or the party van... if i record a node on mesh to control sum/tpv, what happens of i switch the active page in sum/tpv? does the recorded information execute on the active page or the page the node was originally recorded on? i could see some amazingly subtle or complex commands going on if mesh remembers the nodes original page destination. you could conceptually have these seriously complex routings all on different pages. maybe it already does this?? that would blow my mind.

  • so i tried mesh for the first time tonight. i couldn't get it to recognize the other app or set up properly. i am trying to control the party van with mesh via quadrants. each time i used an app and connected the monome, the other apps were taken 'out of focus' and lost connection between grid control and light feedback. each app would work if i connected them individually but they would not all allow my connection together. can anyone try quadrants and tpv and mesh together and see if it is possible to get them rocking together?

  • anyone gotten mesh working with the party van? i feel like i am spamming the board with this question but have yet to find a single reply. i have trouble believing i am the first to think of trying to run these two side by side on a 128.

  • Setting this up for the first time tonight...

  • i know now (we all probably know now) that quadrants and mesh won't work together. i can get mesh to work happily easily with quit a few things. sometimes there is some issue with led feedback but the programs definitely work side by side on a 128. tpv is very elusive though in getting it to function with mesh. best results with mesh currently are mlr and malbalhabla.

    what are peoples favorite apps to use mesh with? the ideal for me is running two 64 type programs right next to each other. my dream right now is to be able to code a version of the mlrs that appear in sum but on a 64 grid. i am head over heels for the way it chops up longer samples i only want 2 channels. i love the recorders (though a little more flexibility there would be cool). but having mesh right next door would be silly amazing.

    but of course i digress.

  • Bump and wanted to say this app looks amazing. Cannot wait to get my grubby fingers on it.

  • Wait -- can quadrants and mesh work together or not? I couldn't get it to work.