New project "Elemental" at Media Archeology in Houston

  • Here are a few shots from an installation/performance project I did last Friday at the Aurora Picture Show (2442 Bartlett St, Houston) as part of Media Archeology series. Among other artifacts (custom mechanics, projections and live performance) it features 18U of modular goods, Monome, and the OP-1.
    The show was a continuous running event from 6:00—9:00PM. All music was live, so was the operation of the entire environment by the 7 performers. It was a blast!


  • Awesome. I used to love this series when I lived in Htown. I miss Aurora.

  • Yes! I am located in Minneapolis, so Aurora was new for me, but I really loved the place, and the people. Overall a super experience!

  • the shovels are genius!!