new aleph update 140520



    dsyn drum synth module
    new grid operator: mp (meadowphysics)
    new screen operator: bars
    various fixes

    new scenes:
    mpdrumssss (meadowphysics driving dsyn)
    dsyn_test (basic dsyn patch with four keys triggering drum sounds)

    we're working on new/consolidated aleph scenes and some new starting points for further tutorials. (trent has updated the existing tutorials as of this week, as well.)


  • great. thanks for the update. first thing i am going to look at tomorrow when i have a bit of time.

  • !!!

    does the aleph port of mp work w/o varibright grids?

    either way
    thanks for rolling this out

  • yessss! unexpected surprise!

  • yes, mp works with non-vari models.