FS 128 walnut & ARC4 - AU/WW

  • Hello - I am selling my Walnut 128 (2010 - variable brightness LEDs) and my ARC 4 (2011 push-encoders)

    I'm just not using them enough - holding onto my GS64 though.

    128: $650 US / $700 AU
    ARC 4: $650 US / $700 AU

    * they both come with custom felt cases! and USB cables!*
    ++ there is a hairline split in the wooden enclosures (nearly impossible to see on the ARC4) this is due to the dry conditions where I live (central Australia) - I have new enclosures for both (from Brian)- included if you want to change them over.

    Both for $1250 US / $1300 AU

    I would rather ship within Australia, but will go world-wide at buyers expense.
    please email if interested: benward75 [AT] icloud [DOT] com


  • Sent you an email about the arc couple of days ago.

  • hey myecholalia -just sent you an email - still available - will get in touch again in next week.

  • bump
    - Walnut 128 (2010 - variable brightness LEDs) comes with custom felt bag and spare wood enclosure
    STILL AVAILABLE $650 US / $700 AU

  • sorry - all sales cancelled - due to rekindled love and inspiration....

  • Glad you didn't trade em for the aleph?

  • I would have been happy to trade for the ALEPH,....as i still have a GS64,...would like to eventually go computer free.

    Winter is coming to the Australian Desert and those little orange LEDS bring warmth and creativity to me again. - using with Elektron Octatrack, Analog Four, Moog SP and Vermona DRM.
    still keenly watching ALEPH development.