Aleph tracks and videos

  • and here's the kind of amazing guitar pedal it can be (probably more amazing in the hands of a better guitarist!).. just put this scene up on the sharing page too

  • Wow! That was wonderful!
    Really dumb question. Is using the scene as simple as dragging it into the Bees folder and then re-booting?

  • place it in sdcard/data/bees/scenes/
    load it from the SCENES menu
    if you power down after loading it will be written to sdcard/data/bees/scenes/default.scn,
    which is loaded at startup.

  • Thanks! That what i was hoping for. BTW, where is the new version of Bees located? Not that i would try it until the scenes are fixed for it.

  • a little rhythm experiment (the beginning of thinking about how to make something Parc-esque in Bees :) ) ..

    not putting the scene up on the sharing page because it's pretty flakey. but attaching here in case anyone wants to play - each step column sets the period of a metro (one for each oscillator) .. getting the values from the two LIST16 operators, encoders 1 and 3 add to the period value for little shifts. enc2 sets the period for the step metro. (requires Bees 0.5.2, waves 0.4.1)

  • wow @duncan that guitar video is fantastic! really incredible sounds and nice to see a really different take on how to use the aleph!

  • @duncan seq from 1:59 onward in the rhythm vid is pure aural gold

    thank you for documenting this stuff

  • This is amazing. All of it.

  • @gli thanks! documenting to spread the love.. i'm constantly astounded by how flexible this box is.

  • gave skitter a try this weekend and this is what came of it...

  • an experiment for Monday, still trying to create Parc-like functionality, got the rhythm bit sorted, probability next :) .. this is just realtime sampling of guitar harmonics

  • wow this is awesome duncan! this is the dsyn right? can't wait to get time to dig into this proper

  • no no, this is just Lines :)

  • Lines basically rules :)

  • Man I need a Space pedal! I have the Timefactor and Pitchfactor and they're both awesome.

    Great vid.

  • this is so cool!

  • @HalfLife love the psaltery! now i want one

  • These are amazing glimpses into the mystery that is the Aleph. Please keep them coming as I squirrel away enough dollars to purchase one for myself!

  • we've just started first sessions for a new project (and first plays with a new collaborator).. so thought I'd share a little bit of what came out.. this is a private link so I'm just posting it within this community for now, please don't pass it around too much.
    It's a super rough live take from a living room improvised jam, full of false starts and hot audio, but heavy Aleph use, so figured i should share it here, i won't leave the link live for too long though.
    The Aleph is processing the viola which is permanently routed through it,
    (including the howling at around 14.30 which is the resonant filter on the Aleph being tuned by the cutoff :) )

    performed with -
    Viola > Aleph > Eventide Space;
    Piano > Octatrack
    ( recorded live into Zoom H6, then bounced and compressed in Live 9 )

  • thanks for sharing duncan

    this is a craaaazy first session and really makes me want to keep tabs on this project
    what a performance! so many beautiful moments in here

    i need to dive into this box
    it feels limitless

  • lovely duncan!!!

  • @duncan

    wow, just beautiful.

  • Really excellent work, Duncan. Looking forward to hear more of this.

  • Duncan, love that guitar vid. really great stuff man

  • Hey, thanks all, but credit for the soundcloud track has got to also go to my amazing collaborators (one of whom, Sarah, is playing violin with Ebe Oke at Donau festival if anyone's going?)

  • Here's an Aleph being used in conjunction with a traditional looper for semi-regular guitar improv:

    Oh, and one more, as it's been a sunday of Aleph noodling:

  • a very simple demo of tracker 0.1.2 with prgm.ldr, first usable version with a 4 step tracker and 4 oscillators on direct out for further processing.

    executables and code found here:

    just the .zip here:

  • Here's a thing I did out in the middle of nowhere with an OP-1 and the aleph and a few lights...

  • beautiful patch @miketodd !!

  • i cant believe nobody else is talking about this clip

  • i agree, it's really lovely. maybe miketodd can explain a little more what's going on there between op-1 and aleph and post it on the muffwiggler forum as well in the most recent aleph thread. a bit of positive publicity would do good :-)

  • thanks guys! it's a pretty straightforward patch - I'm using the FM synth module in the OP-1 which is being driven by the Endless sequencer (most of the time when I'm messing with the OP-1 I'm changing this sequence). I set the attack and release pretty long in the FM synth. I also think I've got the Delay effect on the synth and Reverb globally.

    On the aleph I'm just running the "crickets" scene. Audio output is going to a Jambox (for monitoring) and H4n (for recording). The lights are just doing their own thing (it's audio reactive). I have some DMX patches and such but during this it was just kind of a default audio reactive setting on each.

  • Yeah bigs up man! That's awesome, I've watched/listened to it a few times now! I can't wait to receive my aleph!!!!
    Post the vid on muffs! I'll make sure it's bumped!

  • the middle of nowhere is the place to be!!!

  • crickets is my fav scene right now

    @miketodd any chance of an mp3 floating about? or am i gonna have to bootleg this :)

  • @gli my sound cloud account is full at the moment, you may have to bootleg it for now :)

  • some fiddling with the grainfreeze scene to separate outs into fuzz, lpf, delay and reverb. only captured events and manipulation in aleph. caution: lots of fuzz! :)

  • That's brilliant prms! Can you elaborate on exactly what you did in the process of putting that piece together? Also, to you and everybody else here, more please!

  • Addac .wav, into echophon, filter, waveshaper, ..., into aleph skitter...

  • 2nd patch with the monome aleph and modular synth, words can't express how much i love this thing, haven't done much except use it as an inline audio effects unit so far (which it excels at), still having a tough time getting my head around the internal routing but i guess that'll come in time. looking forward to using the cv ins/outs once i get em sussed out (come on tutorial 7!!)
    percussive arp (tip top z3000, make noise wogglebug, uscale, optomix maths) being processed thru the aleph w/the scene "skitter" thru an eventide space. bass from mutable instruments braids (wtfm), other melodic elements from a hertz donut mk2 w/ make noise optomix, moddemix, maths, function & echophon & moog mf104m. clock and sequencing 4ms QCD, make noise pressure points/brains.
    recorded on an iPhone 5s and logic. all live, one take no edits just a little compression and eq.

  • really liked it bkinsman.

  • hey thanks @LexTron6K ! i've recorded some guitar notes into the buffers using the grainfreeze scene by @duncan_speakman, then proceeded to manipulate the offsets/lengths of buffers - this is the live manipulation part, so using aleph kind of as an instrument. after that it's feeding into the desk via moogerfooger lpf, analog delay and zvex fuzzfactory, and sending out from desk into ehx cathedral and big muff pi. no post except volume fade in/out.

    few days with it but it does quite a lof of things that i was hoping to use it for. looking forward to extend it with controllers and delving further into patching scenes. :) so much flexibility!

    are there further possibilities to have more recorded buffers than the 2 that are in lines now? 4 would be amazing! :)

  • @prms sweet man,so haunting. what was the sound source? I still haven't got grainfreeze sussed yet for some reason....
    @alph beautiful dude, I love skitter so much..

  • My first little groovy noisy jam of plumbutter2 -> aleph 'skitter' with overdriven preamps everywhere.

  • good one @qstate

  • forgot to post this one in this thread that i recorded the other day..(blurb below)

    Finally got my grid 64 the other day, paired with and the aleph makes for an awesome combination!! (tbh i'd expect them to be as they're made for each other!)
    This patch is based around the scene "life" which is a variation on Conway's Game of Life which is an mathematical equation/game that simulates cellular division.
    In this patch the main melodic component (if you would call it that..) is the audio out from the aleph where the grid is running the simulation based on the buttons i have selected (google it..), i have two cv ins and outs to the modular and receiving to cv's from the modular to modulate the pulse and wave modulation (pretty sure those are the parameters but i'd have to refer to the bee's manual to be sure) of the oscillators that are making the sound in the aleph.
    got the braids in particle mode being fm'd by maths, hertz donut osc's 1 & 2 are doing some wack fm stuff with the z3000 and modemix which is then going into channels 1 & 2 of the optomix and then phonogene in broken echo mode being sequenced by pressure points, malekko switch and lfo2 then into the echophon for some ambience which is mult'd back into channel 2 of the modemix, mmg is being pinged and self resonating from the qcd w/modulation coming the hd2 also, modulation and various gate pulses are being provided by the wogglebug, maths and function. final output from modular is being fed in to a mf104 and final out from the aleph is going into a space for some resonance and additional body just to gel it all together. Nice little cameo form my cat Drake who loves to walk all over my gear when i'm using it

  • Here's a quick (and noisy) video of stepwavescv powering the Make Noise modular.

  • @companyofquail Thanks, man. I've been getting some really interesting rhythms out of this set up.

  • cop this one y'all..

    This patch has a whole lot going on..

    1) Monome 64 running 'The Party Van' in max runtime which is playing back the chants (yes that's me singing..) I recorded into it with manipulation just over active and start point and some granularized Tibetan singing bowls and chimes

    2) Monome Aleph w/Stasis scene into which I've recorded Mutable instrument Braids' various physical models (trig & pitch from Makenoise Brains/Pressure Points) and then cut up and tweaked with some echo. The playback points, grain size, pitch and various other parameters are mapped out to the different encoders and switches. Bigs ups to Duncan Speakman for writing this fantastic scene, it's blowing my mind!

    3) Eurorack modular:
    Bass - Mutable Instruments Braids sequenced by Makenoise Brains/Pressure points going into Makenoise MMG then into an Optomix. Envelopes from Makenoise Maths triggered by 4ms QCD (clock div/mult ranged from -8 to x5)

    Mid Range Arp - Tip Top Audio z3000 mk. 2 sequenced by Makenoise Wogglebug into Intellijel uscale 2 in channel 2 of the Optomix with envelopes again from Maths trig'd from QCD then into Makenoise Echophon with a mulitplied clock from the QCD

    Mid range Seq - Osc's 1 & 2 of Harvestman Hertz Donut mk.2 sequenced by Pressure Points into Makenoise Modemix with envelopes for mult'd Maths and Function triggered from Maths EOR.

    All sounds going into an Allen Zed 10 with Eventide Space in the FX loop.