Just got a Moog Voyager!

  • Title says it all, I'm the happy owner of a white Voyager select! Layering this thing is a dream and I can't believe how playable and musical the presets are. It's hard to make it sound bad! Anyone have some Voyager specific sound design tips or experiences with the 251/351 type expansions from Moog? I need to make a good sample pack for this community. All of the sounds in this song, except for the out of tune/too loud guitar, are from the voyager. https://soundcloud.com/zombie-tina-turner/mexican-whipet-cartel-1st-day

  • woah


  • Awesome man i love the simpleness to what you did there. and i think the guitar is good, gives it a droopy sunset feeling. Ive got a old school voyager i havent hooked it up to the 251 or 351 yet. Do you have both? i can imagine how much fun your having with your new moog congrats