Updating scenes for aleph

  • Hey guys,
    Just wondering if these scenes will be updated by their creators to run on the most recent version of bee's etc?

  • ah, good point! does the beekeeping thing do this automatically, i got a bit confused about how we use it? I think i could remake the ones i put up fairly easily, but then will they break again when we get to bees 0.5.5?

  • a fair few of them on the sharing page make my aleph crash..
    maybe keep a change log of them being updated on the sharing page?

  • yes that seems a bit of an issue here as well... recently jumped on the boat here, would be nice to have some working scenes to play around with before going into the "swimmers section" :))

    btw @duncan_speakman , tried rebuilding your looper from beekeeping videos (thanks for the nice work btw), doesnt seem to be playing back as well. difference with latest lines perhaps?

  • haha! swimmers section! i'm drowning then..

  • @prms could be :) what's it not doing? I can give rebuilding a shot later myself