sample chopping app idea, doable?

  • Hey all!

    With the max sale going on now I'm considering buying it and creating an app I've been wanting for awhile for my monome. Since my max knowledge consists of going into other patches with the demo and never actually created an app. I thought I'd ask for some advice as to whether this is doable.

    I have a GS128 and basically I want to be able to load up a complete track and have it split it into 116 equal pieces, mapped across the buttons in rows 2-8. I'd like to use the top row buttons to do per slice and global edits. Slice edit would be based on the last played slice.

    1 - course slice start position left
    2 - fine slice start position left
    3 - fine slice start position right
    4 - course slice start position right
    5 - course slice end position left
    6 - fine slice end position left
    7 - fine slice end position right
    8 - course slice end position right
    9 - global pitch down 1 semitone
    10 - global pitch up 1 semitone
    11 - slice pitch down 1 semitone
    12 - slice pitch up 1 semitone
    13 - play slices as one shot to end of track
    14 - play slices to end of slice
    15 - play slices in gate mode
    16 - stop all

    I don't need any other functions such as quantize, pattern recorders, or even the ability to save. Any encouragement or discouragement would be appreciated, as well as any tutorials or existing patches I should look into.


  • Hi there,

    bigwing by dewb should be good for sample chopping of full tracks. I know he's working on a new version. Maybe reach out to him in the related thread?


  • Thanks myecholalia!

    Yeah bigwing looks like it could be a great start but I can't get it to recognize my grid so I can't use it at the moment. I posted in the other thread for help with that issue.

    Echo nest seems amazing but a bit overkill for my intended use and I'd really like the top row functionality and off line use.

    Right now I use my 128 as a midi controller and use ableton's slice to midi and adjust slices manually with a mouse but I'd really like a standalone max patch with on board editing capabilities.