aleph scenes to try?

  • hello! can anyone throw out some aleph scenes that i can test for fun? maybe something you are working on or have used in a show in the past weeks, anything?

  • just finishing a new one off that i'll post tonight

  • thanks!!! looking forward to it!!

  • grainfreeze available at

    still have this BIGNUM initialisation problem- @tehn any thoughts on that?

  • Sweet! Can't wait to try this one out!

  • very grateful… checking it out now!

  • cool sounding scene!
    can you explain the controls in a little more detail?
    i'm just a bit confused as the switches are labeled 4-9
    the encoders don't give any feedback (i've only had mine for a week so looking at where they output to doesn't help), but from reading it guess they just toggle between states 0/1?
    also, would love to hear a demo from you!

  • ah, i labelled 4 - 9 because that's how they read in the INS/OUTS settings.
    (so SW 4 = furthest left, SW 8+9 are the footswitch inputs on the front)
    there's no visual feedback from the encoders, only aural :)
    if you press switch 4 (or leftmost) you'll see the display toggle between 0 and 1 (if you followed the instructions to reset the BIGNUM enable, this is the left side of the screen number)
    when it's on 0 then the encoders will adjust the settings for buffer 0 - so if you turn ENC0 you will adjust the rate of the metro triggering the buffer of DELAY0,
    when you use press the switch and the display reads 1 the encoders will adjust settings for the DELAY1 buffer.
    bit snowed under with recording at the moment but will try and make a demo video very soon.

  • Ah right ok that makes more sense! My bad!
    Looking forward to the demo man! What sort of sounds have you been processing with it? I've only hit it up with a Rhodes at the moment, I guess some thing with a much faster release would make the effect more noticeable, I'm gonna spend a night with tomorrow, if any cool comes out of it or if I tweak it at all I'll try and upload it

  • just made a little video, now just have to wait a thousand hours for it to render/upload! :)
    for me it's been working well with long sustained guitar notes (especially out of fuzz/octave pedals) if you turn off loop record (second button) and then use footswitches to capture specific notes it works as a nice repeater, but you'll see in the video :)

  • rough tutorial/demo video is up on the scene page ( )
    and here

    One thing I forgot to say (at the 06:25 mark) is that the buffer records for as long as you hold the footpedal, so in the example at that point I hold it down while I play all three notes. Also the footpedal always starts the buffer recording at the beginning.
    Only had a tiny tripod to hand so apologies for the close-up, I try to describe what I'm doing with footpedals as i go along..
    (oh and I keep calling it a 'patch' rather than a scene, too many Max memories )

  • thanks for the video, really appreciate you taking the time to post it!

  • that is a beautiful instrument, duncan
    thanks for sharing!

    i think that sifting thru the network will help me get more comfy with bees too

  • very lovely.

  • thanks for the kind words all! I'll try and get a proper 'track' made with it at the weeked :) @gli i think a good way to explore is to go through the outputs page and sketch out what everything is connected to . . . this is the sketch i made before (and during ) building the scene ..

    @raja i think that phrase might ruin my 'soothing and sophisticated' image ;) - we'll see . . . .

  • oh and i finally got my head around a really great feature of Presets in this scene. Because you choose what is and isn't included in each preset you can have different switches recalling different presets without affecting other settings you've already recalled (e.g. in this scene the pitches for the two buffers are all stored in 6 different presets. Presets 0,1,2 change the pitch of del0 and presets 3,4,5 do it for del1, so neither affects the other :) - love this feature!!!!

  • nice. how will i ever afford one of these amazing machines???

  • i'm having a bit of trouble with this scene...i can't get it to freeze a sound at all.
    i'm running the latest version, done the toggling and change of 64..only recording or looping i can get it to do i seem to have no control over..any advice?

  • hmm.. so you can see both big nums on the screen? 44 should be the one with it's X value set to 64 so it appears on the right side. You'll know if that's there when you press switch 2 it should toggle that 0/1.
    If it's set to 0 then for buffer 0 turn all the encoders to minimum (maybe then turn encoder 0 up a little bit) - try pressing the footswitch connected to the first/left socket when you play a note/sound into it. Lift you foot off pedal and it should repeat rapidly from the point you pushed down.
    is it possible your footswitch is not momentary? (i.e. it latches) try pressing it twice once to start recording once to stop?

  • i don't think so, it's one of the moog voyager ones...i'm gonna mess about with it with just headphones n no verb..hopefully i'm just missing it..

  • Hmm, one way to check would be to disenable both the bignums and then use the footswitch. On the screen you'll be able to then see the 'write' value of the buffers go from 0-1
    Also maybe disenable /re-enable the metros in case for some reason they didn't start? To get that fast repeat you need to make sure you turn down enc0 for both buffers though

  • Ok sweet. Cheers dude.. I'll have a fiddle tomorrow, just uploaded my first recording with the aleph, have a listen if you get a chance.

  • awesomeness, thank you so much for this scene!!

  • in the middle of my second session with grainfreeze

    POWERFUL powerful beast

  • so glad you're enjoying it! look forward to hearing

  • now that i know how it works in a practical sense i can use it as a theoretical springboard

    several things i will try eventually:
    * make each buffers' controls fully independent (SW4 will toggle ENCs + SW5,6,7 too)
    * visual feedback using BARS to represent metro, read position, and mabye jitter
    * arc expansion (simultaneous control over pitch or position within the two buffers)