[documentation] updated wiki & all-in-one installers

  • hello!

    excited to announce the updated wiki, installers & instructions for monome devices. we've taken a lot of your comments on board and hope that the process is much less painful. feedback is very much appreciated as we've tested on only a handful of computers - there's likely to be some bugs at first but we're committed to working them out.

    thanks for your patience while we've been refreshing these elements. we're continuing to do our best to enrich the monome experience.



  • logical nomenclature and streamlined page structure

    might try reinstalling to see how logical the instructions are

  • awesome, looks much easier to follow now

  • thanks raja - i appreciate the help on that front as i'm not a supercollider user myself.

    and by all means the docs are still open for contributions and edits by the community – the majority of my work has just been organising & giving context to why different things are important.

  • (no worries, no prob
    you're doin a great job
    (ha! it rhymes :))

  • i noticed the new video a few days ago (and shuffled front page + product photos)

    cdm has a cool profile on recent activity