new app: meadowphysics


    also implemented on the new aleph build, see other thread!

  • that's cool

  • very cool!

    Is the aleph required for this app?

  • @pabsarg nope
    its available for regular grid + pc usage

    kinda cool that its been released for both platforms simultaneously

  • i am loving this new era!

  • "meadowphysics is a tangled cascade counter with rapid tactile rule changing."

    reads llke mars volta lyrics. :)

  • lol @eos

    i'm curious to know whats behind the name

    especially when paired with teletype...
    it sounds quirky (in a good way)

  • simply amazing. it's like b is bending time and space. love it, really!

  • so the 64 is handling drums (via mpdrumsss)
    and the 128 is doing tonal stuff?

    or is there some kind of overlap/mashing going on?

  • Thank you for all those new apps.
    I remember reading somewhere in a recent thread here that you were working on a "rewrite of Parc".
    meadowphysics is the result?

  • rewrite of parc still on the way!

    64: drums
    128: synths

  • thanks

    i thought so

  • wow, amazing work!

  • @gli Ok great thanks!

  • What is the programing language of the Aleph version?

  • C! everything on the aleph is written in a form of C.

    the 'max' version is actually 99% written in javascript which we've been finding is relatively straight forward to convert into C for the aleph.

  • These applications are great!

    @tehn perhaps I'm using an old version of serialosc, but when i connected my monome to meadowphysics it didn't trigger the gate which allows the led messages to be sent to serialosc. I added a toggle to do this manually, which worked just fine, but wasn't sure what the issue was.

  • i'm not getting any interaction with an mk kit.... :(


  • that's awesome. can't wait to get onboard

  • + 1 for a new parc

  • ok after manually adding serialosc.maxpat to the meadowphysics folder, i get the initial lights to turn on for my mk, but no further LED updates. the top row of buttons appears to be doing something....but none of the other buttons appear to have any influence...

  • Much fun! Works great for me. Thanks guys.

    +1 for parc update.

  • @rawray7
    a press on the top row's left most button + a press on any other row at the same time ?

  • @nitefish - thanks. so i guess the button presses work, but it's pretty impossible to use with no visual feedback...

  • aye this is the variable brightness detection issue the same as sum. i'll update mp to add a little visual button that you can de-select to have non-varibright (and hence mk compatible) led output.

    updated now:

  • just wanted to chime in on the name -meadow physics…

    fits perfectly, like the knock on cascade of wind rustling through seed clusters in long grass, endless variations… carried along by sound.. -its what I think monome's ecosystem excels at: translating the organic into binary states and back into organic sensory experience.. or thereabouts…

  • anything in particular required to install either teletype or meadowphysics? both are looking for and cause a consistent crash on load.

    Process: triggers [471]
    Path: /Users/USER/Downloads/
    Identifier: com.cycling74.MaxRuntime
    Version: 6.1.6 [307fb20] (6.1.6)
    Code Type: X86 (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [155]
    Responsible: triggers [471]
    User ID: 501

  • put in folder. right.

  • starting at 1:10 and going until 1:25, what's exactly happening to make that dope sound?

  • all of the tonal material is the sum synth being modulated in different ways-- lots of parameter changes basically.

  • soul is shining; I love it! deeply layered, well I think.

  • Ive got it running but with no led feed back the buttons seem to operate the app correctly though

    2011 walnut 128
    max 5.1.9

    Got it working perfectly in max 6

  • Are the min/max values for all the parameters on teletype 0 to 127?

  • yes it's calibrated for that scale. future versions may be different, it's a very preliminary idea.

  • is there by any chance a straightforward readme type file/doc for how to step by step install this (set of) program(s) in the right order? i ask because i am new at all this and hoping not to screw anything up (like i have been doing. i just got the party van rocking 100% and REALLY don't want to do anything to mess with that.

  • triggers app needed in folder?

  • I have a few questions, I apologize if these are too basic:::

    - How do you change the audio output? It doesn't seem to care about my system settings and I'm not too familiar with Max.

    - Is it at all possible to save your current grid state? Like, save the links and lane lengths?

    - Is there any place in particular where presets should be stored?

    - Can someone go into a little more detail on how presets work?

    I've been pulling some really great stuff out of this app tonight but I'm not sure how to replicate each state 100% after I quit and reload. Thanks!

  • @RajaTheResidentPoser

    Thank you for the file and explanation. Both very helpful.

  • @raja exceptional explanations, thank you so much.

  • i was gonna ask why i'm not getting any audio output but then i found the volume slider...

  • thanks so much for explaining all that. helped a lot, largely conceptually in that neither my grid or arc are here but i will refer back upon troubleshooting! love this place. breath of fresh air and a huge source of creativity. hope i can give back in some way sooner than later. maybe i will be able to code something someday?

  • also not getting any audio out despite what i would guess as properly running it all. teletype synth and meadowphysics are speaking, just no sound, volume slider all the way up.

  • @dude Press the little speaker button? He should be blueish.

  • twas blueish. but now i realize it my utter lack of understanding of the interface. rockin now! gorgeous stuff! new way to make tunes! really pretty! love.

  • mindblowing mind being blown away. so what on gods good green earth are those shapes on the right when you hold down certain keys?????? this is some deep shit. i am JUST about to rock the auto preset change if i can figure it out. feel like im live tweetin this shit lol.

  • omg maths

  • @dude Hahaha! Awesome. Those shapes change the way the (selected) lane behaves.

  • @dude This app is exactly why I want a second grid. Magic.