[XYnome] m4l xy-pads

  • Hi everybody,

    I've been working on a new device lately ... XYnome is mainly a bunch of xy-pads for use with Ableton Live. Just connect your grid, assign your axes to whatever parameter in Live and play.

    Here's a little vid of the device in action :

    Could anyone take this for a spin? Let me know if you run into any bugs ...


  • i would test (gs64)

    but i don't have ableton :(

  • very nice. now looking into 'trompe l'oreille'...

  • hi !

    waou ! fantastic app
    seems to work fine... but no led feedback on my 128 non-varibright grid.
    again nice app !!!


  • @i.morgendoerfer no led feedback at all? Or just no backlit xy-pads?

  • no led feedback at all

  • ok, this needs some conversion. I'll look into it ...

  • that would be awesome. thanks.

  • @ithkaa
    +1 for non-varibright grid version

  • bump for this beautiful app !

  • working to add non-varibright support ...

  • added non-varibright support and grid size options (download in top post) ... let me know if you run into any problem

  • it works for my non-varibright monome 64 :p

    thx a lot !!!

  • it would be great if it could send midi cc...
    maybe a futur version :p

  • it's not possible to get cc's out of a m4l device (as far as i know). i could migrate it to max and have it output cc's which could be routed to Live through an IAC bus ...

  • or maybe there's an other way i could record those automation in Ableton ?

  • ok
    i've just figured out
    work fine :p