bees update: 140618


    step op is fixed, and very minor changes.

    a more exciting update on the way.

  • looking fwd to the next revision

    btw would this break a scene like even if it didnt use STEP?

    if so, i might try to rebuild it in 5.5 cause i wanna try the new release

  • 0.5.4 -> 0.5.5 shouldn't break scenes. just a fix to STEP.

  • sweet

    i hoped not

  • 0.5.5 shows as 0.5.4 on boot. expected behavior?

  • if I recall, that boot ui release mismatch has happened here and there. i think it's just a string that didn't get updated, but it can be confusing.

  • i'll double-check this and make sure the correct file was included.

  • FYI: version number is specified in apps/bees/version.txt and propagated to various places in the code via makefile. that is the only place that needs editing. version.txt in master is correct so i assume the wrong build file was attached or something.

  • the file is

    @tedjames did you flash the new file via the bootloader? i checked the file and am confident it's correct.

  • @tehn Thanks for looking into this. I don't think I've been able to successfully update my Aleph. Or, at least, if successful it has not been immediately clear to me that the update was a success. Here's my process. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    I'm using the SDcard slot on a 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

    I've used Disk Utility to erase and repartition the SDcard. Renamed it ALEPH. Emptied trash.

    I used the copy.command to load Bees 0.5.5 (aleph-140618) onto the card. So far no issues.

    Upon inserting the SDcard and powering the little guy up, the display reads "Bees 0.5.4" and loads the default scene.

    When I enter "stepwavescv.scn" I am still only allowed to light every other column of the bottom 4 rows (2014 128 grid). To light the buttons in this column I still have to press the adjacent button (in th unlit column). Of note: I have not made any changes to "stepwavescv.scn" since loading it onto the card. On the surface this seems unchanged from the previous version of Bees.

    It's a little confusing.

    Two things I'm curious about. Are your updated Alephs showing "Bees 0.5.5" when booting? If not, are other updated Alephs exhibiting the odd STEP behavior I described above?

    Thanks for any input, anyone.

  • hi tedjames

    you're missing the final part of the update process where you flash the new bees into the aleph's memory. you do this by holding the MODE switch while booting up. a 'bootloader' page will appear where you select bees.hex and it will upload the new version (this takes about 3 minutes).

    after that it should auto-restart and you'll see the bees 0.5.5 displayed.

    see here:

  • @galapagoose Thank you! I can't beleive I missed that.