touchosc and mlrv

  • hi i've just gotten touchosc and been trying to get this emulator to work but i have no idea what i'm doing, could someone help? or if there has been a more modern way to use max apps with iPads could someone explain that?

  • I guess the more "modern" way to do this is to use the Liine Lemur monome emulator. I've been using the Touchmonome patch for years with little to no issues and have even made my own 64 button template for it. Give us some more specifics (osx/windows version, version of max, version of mlrv) and someone will help you out.

  • i'm using osx and ios7 and max runtime 6.1.7 and i tried mlrv 2.1 and 2.5

  • I would try to go the Lemur route with your setup. In my experience, touchmonome is a little flaky with max6 and mlrv2.5.