new video: grid step sequencer driving cv

  • actually posted yesterday, but here's a real thread!

    the scene is included in the most recent aleph update:

    documentation on the scene is here:

    i can answer questions about this!

    non-cv step sequencer (which makes sound with the aleph synth) is here:

    enjoy! spread the word! monomes without computers!

  • god damn.

  • Okay, got one. I take it that you could incorporate both the aleph synth and external CV as well? essentially having two sequencers playing in sync?

  • If I understand well, the aleph should be patched with the modular like this:
    cv out 0-1: pitch to VCO 1v/oct, cv out 2-3: triggers(or gates?) to the VCA
    The mixer out goes to the audio in 1 of the aleph
    then, aleph out 1/2 to VCA-in so that the aleph ENC 1-2-3 can process the audio filter cutoff, delay, etc.
    am I right?

  • Sounds close. CV patching looks right but I think its just audio out from modular in to 1. Out 1 to Amp/DAW. ENCs control the internal delay.

  • i know there's a another thread about this but i'm still having a little trouble getting my head around how rows 5-8 work on a grid 64 (only got my grid last week so maybe it'll make sense soon..), any pointers?

  • think vertical

    each coloumn adds up the values of lit buttons (row 5 = 1, button in row 6 = 2, row 7 = 4, row 8 = 8)

    and outputs the total

  • Hmmm, ok I'll have a play with it tomorrow, just out of interest are all grid buttons orientated with the usb cable coming out of the lhs?