our first plugin - free download!

  • guys, check this out. it's free for the mac and paid for the ipad.


    we're thinking of giving it some arc loving...

  • nice!

  • wow, congrats :)

  • plus 1 on the arc implementation

  • Thank you!
    If i could get anything to work on an arc i'd buy one again.

  • Fantastic looking app. Yep, arc integration would be ace.

  • :-))
    Get lost - this thing is uncredible!
    At pixel time I'm running it in Numerology on a sort of ambient pad, with the low frequency modulated by a sqr wave LFO and the input gain and mid freq pushed hard.
    Now, if you only could add panning to the three bands, hint, hint....

  • Cool one , thanks to share !
    something strange : in reaper and Usine , i can't move parameters directly on the gui..? ( except the 2 knobs which works )

    tested on Mac OSX 10.8.5

  • This is a great sounding distortion. Loving it on my vocals.

  • very warm plug-in distortion, I like it.