Interactive installation in London Barbican Center

  • Hi folks,
    i've made the music for an interactive installation called "Les M├ętamorphoses de Mr Kalia". It uses a kinect sensor so you can be Mr Kalia, projected on a screen.
    9 metamorphosis happen to Mr Kalia, so i made 9 songs. Each time someone takes part to it, the scene is recorded so you can check it out online when you're back home. The last one (?) is always seeable at
    thanks for checking out !

  • your work is always so genius! wish i was in london to check out the exhibition. will all the 9 songs be available at some point?

  • thanks !
    i intend to release them for free on the web and make an 12" out of it later. the only thing is that the project was curated by goo-goo-google and they are pretty hardcore with their contracts. i just want to make sure they won't virtually kill me or whatever before releasing anything.
    I am pretty much amazed by the result. Oh and it's sitting next to a zach liberman's installations that's unbelievably cool.
    Btw, due to technical issues, there are only 6 scenes out of 9 currently working.

  • i would LOVE to see this in person

    the website and music are exquisite!

  • I'll definitely be heading down to this!

  • amazing!

  • I'm going to this exhibit today or tomorrow, anyone wanna meet up?