Chapelier Fou - Tea Tea Tea

  • i am very pleased to announce my new (and first) music video, "Tea Tea Tea". Directed by my friend Gregory Wagenheim and the Super5 collective. Hope you'll like it !

  • love the video aesthetic!

  • Excellent! Congratulations! Any chance you could talk a little about the process of making the video?

  • @chapelier fou: This is fantastic. Interesting composition, great sounds, lots of evloving dynamics. oh and the vid is ok too. :P

  • like it? loved it! had to turn all the lights off in the living room a minute into the thing because I was like, "oh this is really well done."

  • Yorke : Any chance you could talk a little about the process of making the video?

    Well, at first, the idea of the video projected on the mask was the original idea for the album cover. We abandoned the idea, it was way too weird (i really loved it though).
    The video has been imagined by my friend Gregory Wagenheim (who made all my previous artworks) and shot and edited by a collective of 5 local folks, Super5.
    It's been shot in a green background studio, in the local art school, in two days.
    Beforehand, greg had to design the kimono cloth and print it cheap in china. Made by his blessed mother, both for the girl and the puppet. Also, a big part of the work is on the video projection. As you can imagine, it's really hard to sync with the music, map to the set, etc. If you look carefully in the second part, animations are loops from different lengths, mimicking different musical patterns.
    The mouse pointer and progress bar, well, it was a joke at first, but then we started to like it.

    Thanks for watching !

  • so sick!
    great sounds and visuals man!

  • Very cool! Congrats!