sidebrain, powerglove & monome mention

  • Not sure if anyone else has caught this since Ableton changed their website and sort of hid the blog in the background, but here's a cool video where sidebrain talks about using a Nintendo Powerglove as a controller through M4L. He also talks about the monome.

  • @raja

    me too!

  • i love side brainn dewd be sooooo dope this was way cool!!

  • I posted this video on tumblr and one of my friends texted me that side rain was his ableton teacher. What a dick. My friend I mean.

  • Guys.... This is long pass due but thank you for the share! and I'm glad you like it and my music.

    I honestly don't remember where's the sample from on Pictures on fire ( I need to check my old hard drive.

    Who's your friend? Maybe I remember him from class.

    Thank you
    Yeuda Ben-Atar AKA Side Brain

  • ahhh, sweet video/music! i remember when flylo offered his monome on facebook and i was also thinking that it would great to have exactly that one (i hadn't any monome at this time).

    big ups !