any updates on Aleph development?

  • hi,
    just wondering if @tehn or @zebra could give us any updates on Aleph development? Is it still actively ongoing?
    e.g. There was some suggestion in the docs that you're working on interpolated buffer reading in Lines for example (i soooo want to be able to smoothly bend pitches and play buffers in reverse!!, I did try wading through the github files but i can't even begin to work out where one would start with adding this functionality)

    be great to know if there's any kind of timeline for these or any other things, or just a general update?

    thanks in advance for any info

    oh almost forgot, the route8 operator in bees 0.5.5 only gives me 4 outputs? is this the same for everyone?

  • @duncan i'll check route8 on mine

    there are older threads on a similar topics but while this is floating near the top of the queue...i'm curious to know how the visual editor is coming along

  • yeah route8 only has 4 outs right now

  • What about midi over usb? I would be a happy pappy!

  • I am pretty sure that there is stuff being worked on...

    +1 on the visual editor.

    Why? The last cv tutorial helped me quite a bit but I still find it a tad unintuitive to work with the disply only but might be spoilt from the good old nord editor.

  • @Rdf do you mean for output? it already has midi over USB for input :) been happily using an mpd with it

  • trent put together a very serious bug-and-fix list for us that i've been investigating. my top priority is having everything currently implemented to work well. i believe ezra has some new features on the dsp side. the visual editor i'm excited about, that's next after bug fixes-- i'll post some progress updates on that in the coming weeks.

  • nice! thanks for the update.

  • Thank you for the update as well @tehn! After the stability release... my top three requests are: visual editor, arc operators, and the acoustical processing suite @zebra discussed early on (analyzing amplitude envelope, fundamental frequency, spectral centroid, and spectral flatness, out to CV.)

  • thanks for the update @tehn

    and i agree the spectral suite + arc stuff is high on curiousity list

    also @rdf
    havent used it yet but it appears bees 5.5 support limited midi out...

  • +1 on the video editor (visual editor?)

  • visual @c1t1zen

    its a bees editor built as a chrome extension...i think

    no idea what its gonna look like but theoretically along the same lines as nord modular/shbobo fish/ other block&patch based programming environments (should i have mentioned max first?)

  • thanks for the update @tehn , great to hear. . any word from @zebra on dsp developments? when you say you 'believe' ezra is working on dsp things i'd always assumed he was part of the in house aleph team?

  • I was unaware of the midi possibilities that came with 0.5.5 thanks!

  • @duncan_speakman maybe check this one out:

    aleph is out in the wild now! i made the framework and will continue to expand its functionality, including more time-based processing and the frequency domain stuff. but this will happen at whatever pace my life allows.

    and BTW i'm not gonna be doing the visual editor for bees. that's on someone else. i made a conversion tool (beekeep) which uses a valid JSON schema for patch representation:

    so this should really not be too difficult. you could even tweak it to edit patches in MAX.

    additionally, there is an ongoing scheme for live editing over serial protocol. but again, it's out of my hands.

  • @RdF there are BEES ops for midi note and CC in, and midi note out. i consider these to be example implementations; easy to extend to other message types. i don't actually use a lot of MIDI stuff so it would be nice if someone who is actually interested in this functionality would step up and expand it.

  • @zebra Thanks for the update. When you say that the visual editor is "on someone else" does that mean someone of the monome team, or that it's up to the user community to create it?

    Just saw that Tehn said he would post an update in a couple weeks, so I'm assuming its going on @monome team.

  • i am excited for this update. i have been having a lot of fun with bees but i get a lot of crashes when switching between scenes. after formatting the card twice and flashing bees a couple times it seems to be better but still happens randomly. i tried to document which scenes and why but it seems completely arbitrary. sometime it will change scenes fine and other times it will hang. i have also had a few problems when designing scenes. sometimes, not always, if i am in edit mode and i am working on implementing a grid and i push a button on the grid it will crash aleph.

    should i send my aleph for a doctors visit or buy another SD card... or are other people having odd problems like this as well? i really like the aleph and am willing to weather the development period but if no one else is having these problems i don't want to continue punishing myself.

  • I doubt another SD card or returning the ALEPH will address your problems.

    I have a lot of lockups and problems with midi devices such as grid and my op-1 acting weird and locking the Aleph up. Sometimes the Aleph locks the OP-1device requiring powering off and repowering.

    What seems to work (most of the time) is turn on Aleph with external USB device not plugged in. Go to scenes, hit clear, load the scene that uses the external USB device. Then plug it in.

    That being said its quite amazing. I expect it to only get better as the software is cleaned up.